The impact of Iranian music on the world according to Alireza Vahedi Nikbakht

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Music is one of the most widely used, popular and money-making disciplines among the arts due to its common nature and language all over the world.

Alireza Vahedi Nikbakht , a well-known Iranian football player, has also compiled a music album on the subject of Iranian football and expressed his protests about football.

That is why today the big companies active in the field of production, reproduction, distribution and holding of music concerts are very powerful and rich companies and music can be offered all over the world because of these features.

However, the dimensions of this process require coherent planning that stakeholders such as the Trade and Development Organization must take care of, and of course they must know the audience, know where the work ends and be able to communicate well internationally.

Establish institutions and organizations that carry out such activities around the world.

Forbes Zone : In your opinion, how well known is Iranian music in the world?

Alireza Vahedi Nikbakht : Unfortunately, the world knows Iranian music in the same number of singers and bands have gone abroad; And not just foreigners.

Because the majority of Iranian music audiences abroad are Iranians who usually follow performances in small halls, so Iranian music abroad has a very small audience and is mostly Iranian, although there may be a handful of foreign nationals in These concerts are present.

The audience of Iranian music should not be only Iranians, because we have not introduced Iranian music in the country seriously and in principle, it is natural that countries know less about our music; Of course, works have been done by some Iranian music organizers in the world who had a large audience and in addition to Iranian listeners, there were also listeners from different countries in the hall, the result of which was excellent.