Soul CBD Brings Heart and Soul to the Health and Wellness Industry

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The CBD industry has grown so much over the years. This growth can be attributed to the several CBD brands that have cropped up in recent memory. Leading the charge towards this progress in health and wellness is none other than the family-owned business Soul CBD.

Soul CBD was founded and established by brother and sister business partners Angie and Mike Lee back in 2018. The dynamic duo founded the company to meet rising demand in the market for pain relief and better living. Soul CBD has planted its roots in the principles of flavor, efficacy, transparency, and quality.

The company centers its mission on offering CBD wellness products that will promote a healthier lifestyle and a safe alternative for clients in need of pain relief, improvement in their sleep, mental health, and many more.

Angie Lee is a thriving serial entrepreneur who gained her footing in the industry by becoming a mentor, keynote speaker, and professional podcaster. However, the high-stress environment that she built around her would quickly take a toll on her mental health.

This resulted in anxiety and prompted her to actively look for a way to find a healthy balance in her life. “As an entrepreneur and certified nutritionist, I know the toll anxiety can take on your business and body. With Soul, I’m so excited to share the same CBD-based solutions that have helped me reduce my anxiety and become a successful entrepreneur,” shared Angie.

Meanwhile, Mike Lee suffered through his own health issues after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease known as ankylosing spondylitis. The diagnosis almost ended his career as a world-ranked professional boxer, but he actively sought a way to treat his unfortunate condition.

Mike Lee has fought in some of the most legendary arenas in the world, including Madison Square Garden, Cowboys Stadium, and The MGM Grand, in front of millions of boxing fans from all over the world. For two years, Mike went in and out of hospitals seeking treatment for his autoimmune disease. Eventually, his search would lead him to the remarkable benefits of CBD products, both physically and mentally. 

“When a chronic illness threatened my career as a pro boxer, I had to look beyond traditional remedies to keep performing at my best. What I found was CBD and the inspiration to start Soul,” explained Mike.

Soul CBD offers a rich variety of doctor-formulated products that target specific physical ailments. The products have been hailed as the best-tasting CBD products in the market today. Much of its natural flavor can be attributed to the company’s promise of utilizing the best raw ingredients in the creation process. 

Soul CBD is known for ensuring the quality of its products, sending them to a third-party laboratory to test for harmful elements such as potency, heavy metals, pesticides, harmful bacteria, and mold.

In the near future, Angie and Mike envision their company to continue evolving in the health and wellness industry by offering cutting-edge formulations that will help people create better lives. The esteemed entrepreneurs are also making waves in the industry as they aspire to become thought leaders in the wellness and supplements industry. They wish to offer opportunities to be educated about the routine and lifestyle changes that can have a major impact on people’s lives.