Seasoned Marketer Trevor Crump Establishes a Community Where Aspiring Marketers Can Learn the Trade

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Successful digital marketer Trevor Crump has had the privilege of achieving impressive feats throughout his career. He has developed a couple of marketing firms and transformed them into highly competitive and productive organizations that are making a massive impact on different brands. At this point in his career, Trevor wants to give back by empowering aspiring digital marketers with the help of the right tools and information for them to make their marks within the industry. He developed a community where people can access helpful information on how to become exceptional digital marketers.

Within the community, Trevor Crump gives people access to training, one on one consulting, first-hand marketing experience, listening to expert guest speakers, and specialized marketing courses. He intends to launch the community in the spring of 2022. Prior to becoming a successful digital marketer, he used to think that getting a college degree, spending thousands of dollars on an internship, and climbing the corporate ladder were the ways to succeed in life. He later realized that they are not guaranteed at all. Today, he is trying to change how people perceive marketing and how to learn it. He soon realized that the answer was not ultimately going to college and finishing a degree. 

“The answer is online. You can learn on any social media channel, YouTube, buying courses, etc. at a fraction of the cost. You don’t need college. You don’t need a formal education. You need experience. You need failures and successes,” Trevor Crump explained. “I try to help people understand that through my experiences and through growing and scaling my business. I am trying to shake up the college experience. I want everyone to understand that with the right research they can find what they need online. With the right mentorship, they can get the right experience to become exactly what they want to be.”

At the moment, Trevor Crump is making a lot of effort to document his journey. He talks about his failures, successes, and the things in his life that took him some time and money to figure out. He believes that sharing these experiences and realizations will make a huge difference in the lives of others. “I want to impart that to my community so they don’t have to go through some of those hard times. I talk about how unimportant formal education is and how important executing and doing stuff is. When I teach, I don’t just teach a principle I teach how I learned those principles,” he added.

Trevor Crump has been in marketing for almost a decade now. His journey started out in 2016 when he helped develop Asher Golf, an e-commerce venture, with a friend of his. In 2018, he joined another ecommerce team, Fawn Design, after scaling the latter to a six-figure company. Eventually, he started doing consultancy work where it concerns the e-commerce business. Finally, in 2020, they established Labwork Media, a full-fledged e-commerce marketing agency. In a little over a year since it was created, Trevor and his team were able to transform it into a seven-figure business. Labwork Media, as a boutique agency, does not just create and run ads. It is designed to get into the business and partner with brands, not just work for them. One of its strengths is helping business owners find the gaps in their marketing infrastructure. Ultimately, the agency wants all its partners to succeed. When businesses fail, they, too, fail. When they succeed, they celebrate together. 

Looking ahead, Trevor Crump has so much he still wants to do, including making sure that the community he is developing for aspiring digital marketers will become a disruptive force within the industry and the education system as well. Through the community, he hopes to see the next generation of digital marketers brave the challenges that they will face in the coming years.