Mr Mohammad Arshianfar is the converter of the plan to combine frequency waves with Quranic verses and will provide you with Explanations in this regard with the Following Titles

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The frequency of the prayer miracle

The frequency research team examines the prayers and supplications that cause peace of mind and sends these prayers in the form of subliminal and hidden messages to the subconscious mind, and in this way can help calm the nerves.

Undoubtedly, using this frequency can help you to have a healthy and calm life and bring you a life full of spirituality and peace

Surely you have heard in your life or seen people who, with dangerous and incurable diseases for which there was not even hope of a cure, have suddenly recovered and regained their health, and no traces of the disease have been seen in their bodies;

  In most cases, medical science, physicians, and scientists are often amazed by the outcome, believing that such improvements are incompatible with medical science and treatment, and that it is a rare occurrence and perhaps a miracle..

But so far no one has been able to prove the power of miracles. You may also be wondering how a miracle happens and what causes a miracle to form and happen?

Although this question is really difficult to explain, there is no one who has not felt the power and miracle of prayer with every fibre of his being.

The miracle of the frequency of prayer from Mr. Arshianfar’s point of view.

Praying is one of the factors that can make a miracle happen, and make the impossible possible. There is a power in prayer that can transform your life and give it a new shape and direction.

  Studies show that people who always believe in prayer and its miraculous ability in life, have more peace of mind and mental security, and this can be the first and simplest reason and miracle of praying.

To accomplish dreams and wishes and whatever you want to achieve in life, you have to believe in it, to achieve them sooner and lead you to the goals you have in mind.

You need to believe in your prayers to get them into action and they can get you to what you want.