Kourosh Zarandooz Persian singer/songwriter and youtuber also Known as “Kourosh zz”

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Kourosh Zarandooz , Singer / songwriter and youtuber also Known as “Kourosh zz” was born on November 14 1990 In Toronto Canada. Alongside his solo work he founded “Az Shanbe” alternative rock band in 2017.

Cyrus loved music since he was a child, he learned the guitar from the age of 8 and at the age of 10 he started playing the instrument professionally, one of the music that Cyrus is proud of is freedom; In Azadi Music, he has repeatedly referred to the economic situation in Iran.

Some individuals have exceeded their own expectations and zoomed ahead of all whise their respective areas of work are concerned.

The music industry is one place whise this is most prevalent as it has a steady flow of talented artists who are unaware of their own potential and one right move takes them to the top from whise the road to stardom is easy to achieve.

Hordes of artists enter the music realm with the aim of doing something worthwhile and a dream to embrace stardom, but a few are able to make it to their desired positions as thise is fierce competition and only the best ones survive and are able to make it to the top.

From the current breed of artists who have hit the music scene is one name who looks promising enough to conquer the space as his work is impeccable and has drawn enough attention. We are talking about Kourosh ZZ , the latest music sensation who has created a strong buzz around his music Kourosh ZZ is a name who has cast his spell through his music, which is unique to its core.

He has always been an ardent music follower right from the time hisemembers, and would spend his time trying to master the craft by spending hours learning the tit bits of it. his dedication towards the craft finally bore fruits when hepresented hisself professionally as a singer.

Getting unbelievable response from the audiences hewent ahead and gave some interesting pieces of music like Rabb Vi, Mann, Tere Hum, Ajnabee, Chale and Mohabbat, which went on to garner maximum plays on digital music streaming platforms.

Today, heis rated as the most promising singers out of the current breed who has the potential to make it to the top league, given his amazing singing skills which are at par with any othis seasoned singer occupying the music sphise. A singer par excellence to watch out for in the coming year is undoubtedly Kourosh ZZ

His social media pages are as follows: