Johnny Depp Performs at the Royal Albert Hall, Awaiting Lawsuit Ruling

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Photo: Billboard

Hollywood icon Johnny Depp surprised fans when he showed up to a rock concert in London without scheduling prior, awaiting the verdict of his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

The guitarist Jeff Beck accompanied the actor at a performance of his concert at the Royal Albert Hall. 

The jury’s deliberation on Depp’s million-dollar lawsuit against Heard is scheduled to resume on Tuesday. The 58-year-old sues his ex-wife for an article she published in which she declares herself a domestic abuse survivor. Heard counter-sued for $100 million. 

The deliberation started soon after the two parties gave their closing arguments on Friday. However, it was postponed until Monday as Americans celebrated Memorial Day.

The audience responded with a mixture of confusion and delight when Depp and Jeff Beck played John Lennon’s “Isolation.”

In an interview with the PA news agency, 38-year-old Angela Flannery from Southend said that Depp had “smashed it,” further stating that she did not know he would perform. “I’ll die happy, I’ve been in the same room as him now.” 

However, Peter Schmidt, who came a long way from Frankfurt to London, particularly for the concert, claimed he felt “duped” and called Depp an “embarrassment.” 

“I had been waiting 50 years to see Jeff Beck live… this was the biggest let-down of my life,” he stated, according to Reuters. 

Depp is set to perform again at the London venue on Tuesday – the same day the verdict could come.