Independent Filmmaker Paul Eliacin’s Film UP IN HARLEM Makes It to a Major Streaming Platform Amazon prime

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Independent filmmaker Paul Eliacin gets his big break as his movie Up in Harlem is now available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video, one of the leading platforms in the streaming industry. The movie, filmed in 2004 and featuring famous rapper turned actor Ice-T, was completed in an unconventional manner, but it was Paul’s daring approach and sheer determination that gravitated the actor toward his promising concept. Paul was simply banking on his experience observing the conduct of different productions he was a part of when he was still a teamster. 

“I was motivated by my dreams of movie-making,” Paul Eliacin explains. “I worked my way up to a position where I stood on the shoulders of the best. As a teamster, I watched their every move. I have always wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives in a positive way. I wanted my family to be proud of me. I want people to get closer to God, for I know without God, I would not be in my position,” he adds. 

Paul Eliacin has been privileged to be part of large productions both for television and film. He was part of the filming of Conspiracy Theory, One Fine Day, Men in Black, Sopranos, Law and Order, and the First Wives Club, to mention a few. His first and most meaningful project was with director Matty Rich for Straight Out of Brooklyn. He was also field producer for The Week in Review, a popular political talk show that featured Bob Slade, Bob Pickett, Peter Noel, James Mtume, and Charles Etheridge. 

Behind his remarkable feats as an independent filmmaker is a story of inspiration that Paul Eliacin hopes to share with other people to inspire them to not give up on their dreams. Paul was more than determined to work hard until he reached his goals. It was only by God’s grace that paul learned his craft of filmmaking by applying himself. At present, Paul Eliacin remains on the set of law and order svu. Which has been his assign job for the past 22, years. 

Paul Eliacin believes that Up in Harlem making it to Amazon Prime Video is only the beginning of a long list of opportunities awaiting him and his team. He is currently on the lookout for potential collaboration with an interesting TV network that would support his dream of giving life to his raw footage and unpublished photos during the 9/11 tragedy in New York City. This never-before-seen footage, Paul believes, deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. With gripping interviews done inside Ground Zero in careful storage, Paul is awaiting the perfect timing to tell the story from his perspective. 

As he sets out to inspire people through his remarkable life story, Paul Eliacin will surely capture the hearts of countless people because of his humility, authenticity, and compassion. Armed with these attributes and so much more, Paul will continue to brave the giants and come out victorious no matter what the odds may be. 

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