Franky Baca Encourages Hopefuls to Chase Their Dreams through Pandemic

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Pursuing success in one’s career cannot be achieved overnight. The journey can be rough and may take more than a person’s fair share of struggles. But as what the esteemed designer Franky Baca would like to send across to aspirants worldwide, people are capable of translating their visions into reality as long as they remain determined and 

Franky Baca is a self-taught designer who, in 2013, set out to create his first garments. He established a self-titled brand that draws inspiration from nature, architecture, classic paintings, film, and his Bay Area home neighborhood. And since its establishment, the venture has fostered a sense of individuality for men and women. 

With its first products made available to the public in 2014, Franky Baca boasts an inventory of apparels characterized by their bold uniqueness as well as takes pride in its usage of a vast majority of materials and its signature futuristic and historical silhouettes. 

Years later, this fashion designer is now busy preparing for the launch of the fourth season of his collection. The 2020 collection will comprise numerous unisex pieces, offering a whole new meaning to the concept of boyfriend jeans. More than anything else, this latest installment to his creative outputs aims to open up fashion to everyone, standing against preconceived labels and allowing every person to express themselves through articles of clothing designed for the comfort and pleasure of all. 

Since childhood, Franky Baca has been creating and designing products, so it is no surprise that he has managed to hone his skills and flesh out what he wanted his future in the fashion industry to look like. And it is this talent and vision that can be credited for his impressive portfolio of accomplishments. 

After the well-recognized and successful release of Franky Baca’s Season 3 collection, he has graced the Blushcon Fashion Show, styled for Soulaire—an up and coming r&B artist—and capped off 2019 by working for designer Jessica Rich. This creative has also moved to Los Angeles, a transition that enabled him to cement his name in the industry further. Talking about LA in an interview with Fite Brand, he said, “There are so many great opportunities in Los Angeles that you can’t quite get in the Bay Area or anywhere else!”

Although the fruition of one’s dreams can happen anywhere, Franky Baca emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity that would benefit them, and this chance could present itself outside of one’s home turf and comfort zone. Furthermore, he would like to put a premium on always being willing to learn and grow as an individual regardless of the circumstances. Throughout the pandemic and the community lockdowns, Franky Baca has stayed committed to his life goals, preparing to take center stage when the world is up and running again. 

Franky Baca hopes to elevate his venture to greater heights in the coming years and serve as an inspiration for others at the same time. “Although the future of your career may seem bleak at times, you are much more capable of getting your dream career on the right track,” shares this creative director, providing much-needed words of wisdom to anyone who might be immersed in doubts about the realization of their dreams. 

Know more about Franky Baca by visiting his website and Instagram and checking out his brand here