Why Car Accidents Are So Devastating (and How to Handle Them)

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Why Car Accidents Are So Devastating (and How to Handle Them)


Being in a car accident can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. Not only is your car going to sustain significant damage, you might be laid up in the hospital for weeks – and end up having to deal with trauma for the rest of your life.

What is it that makes car accidents such a powerful disruption to your life?

And more importantly, what can you do to mitigate the effects?

The Devastation of a Car Accident

Car accidents can be devastating in more than one way.

Pain and recovery

For starters, you’ll have the pain of your injuries and a long path to recovery. Depending on the intensity of the accident, you might just have bumps and bruises to nurse. But you might also be practically immobile for weeks, and in rare cases, you may struggle with chronic pain for the rest of your life.

Wages, work, and bills

All the while, your bills will be piling up. You might be out of work because of your injuries, meaning you have no money coming in, yet all your regular expenses and medical bills continue to mount.

Personal loss

If someone you loved was hurt or killed in the accident, it may psychologically affect you for years to come. On a smaller scale, having a totaled car or damage to your property could stir feelings of loss as well.


No matter what, you’ll also be dealing with higher levels of stress. You may have a difficult time getting out of work, you may have a complicated legal battle to begin, and you may not fully understand the medical attention you’re getting. On top of that, you may be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How to Make a Car Accident Easier to Deal With

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can make a car accident easier to deal with:

Get a car accident loan.

Car accident loans are a financial product designed to give immediate financial relief to people involved in car accidents. If you qualify, you’ll get a sum of capital initially that you can use however you want. Then, if and when you win a settlement, you can pay back the loan with an additional fixed fee. If you don’t win a settlement, you’ll owe nothing.

Hire a good lawyer

Hire the best lawyer you can afford. Some plaintiffs are inclined to skip legal action altogether or rush the process of choosing a lawyer, but they underestimate just how important it is to have a good lawyer working for you. Your lawyer will help you gather evidence, put together an argument, negotiate for a higher settlement, and ultimately get you more money. Money won’t undo all your stress or solve all your problems, but it can make everything easier.

Gather as much evidence as possible

Most car accidents are attributable to human error. If this accident was caused by someone else’s mistake, you need to provide substantive evidence to prove that. The more evidence you have, and the higher quality that evidence is, the better. Take photos and videos of the accident, keep all your medical records, and document anything and everything related to the case. Your lawyer will also help you with this phase of the process.

Follow medical advice

If you’re stressed about money, you may be concerned about attending your follow-up appointments or following all your doctor’s advice. However, it’s a good idea to follow through with all medical recommendations. Not only will it maximize your chances of making a full recovery, but it will also maximize the settlement you could potentially receive.

Take time for yourself

You’re going to be busy as you recover from this car accident, attending appointments, meeting with your lawyer, and possibly even going to court. During this stressful and tumultuous period, it’s important to take time for yourself. Get some extra sleep when you can. Practice some of your favorite hobbies. Schedule some time to relax. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t rush back to work, but do distract yourself

Distraction can be a good thing. There’s no reason to rush back to work, but you should occupy yourself in some way. That could mean picking up a new hobby, hanging out with new friends, or even volunteering.

Get support

Finally, be willing to get support when you need it. If you’re having a particularly tough day or if you’ve encountered a new problem, talk to one of your friends or family members about it. If you don’t have that support, or if you need something more, consider talking to a therapist.

There’s nothing that can make the pain and stress of being in a car accident disappear altogether. But with these strategies on your side, you’ll be able to keep your stress to a minimum and forge a path to full recovery.