What are the Various Public Transport New York City?

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What are the Various Public Transport New York City?


New York City is one the busiest cities in the world. Traveling to NYC can be any traveler’s dream. NYC has a total area of 783 square kilometres. It comprises of 5 boroughs namely Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and Bronx. Every borough has a lot to offer for the NYC traveler. With growing traffic of the city, renting a car and driving can get exhausting.

New York City has well-structured public transport system. Using the public transport at NYC gives you a chance to explore the day-to-day life of the city. We list various public transport facilities available in NYC. When you are in the city, you can try anyone based on your preference.


Bus is one of the best ways to commute within the city. The buses of NYC are operated by Metropolitan Transport Authority. There are about 6000 buses that commute all over the city. When wanting to use a bus, get into a nearest bus stand. Look for the routes on the board. Hop on to the bus that arrives which matches your route.

You can buy a ticket with a MetroCard or by paying exact change to the driver. When you need to get down, press the button near the window on the previous stop to indicate the bus driver to stop. Once the bus stops, you can see green signal on the rear door, and you can get down from there.


Train network in NYC is well-connected between different boroughs. The main rail networks in NYC are NYC suburban train, Staten Island Railway, New Jersey Transit, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, Long Island Railroad and Metro North Railroad.

There are also inter-city railway lines that can be used to commute to a different city. Penn Station and Grand Terminal are the busiest inter-city train lines in NYC and around the world. If you are traveling in NYC and have luggage to carry, you can always leave them at a Vertoe location safely. Click on luggage storage Penn station to know more details.


Subway is one of the most popular ways to commute within NYC. It totally avoids traffic and reaches you faster to your required destination. NYC’s subway is one of the oldest and busiest subways in the world. You can buy tickets using your MetroCard. Children, senior citizens and people with physical challenges get discounts on the commutation fare.

NYC has other public transport options like ferries and taxis. Ferries can give you a different experience taking you on the water. Taxi services like Lyft and Uber are always available to take you to different places in the city.