Top 9 mobile app development companies to approach for a successful project.

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TOP 9 Mobile App Development Companies You Should Know


84% of the world’s population use smartphones for navigating the area, viewing the weather, entertainment, and even paying utility bills. The number of mobile app downloads is growing exponentially, but at the same time, it becomes more difficult to retain customers. Statista calculated that after a month of use, 86.6-97.7% of people delete the program. Therefore, businesses need to create such quality software that customers will be happy to use. This can be achieved by collaborating with the best mobile app development company. We will tell you which nine IT companies have earned a good reputation in this area.


One of the “Top Mobile App Development Companies”, according to Mobile App Daily, continues to top the ratings of itFirms, Software world, and other research agencies.

Within 15 years of successful operation on the digital market, Andersen has implemented hundreds of mobile projects for financial and medical institutions, e-commerce enterprises, and other organizations. More than 150 project managers, business analysts, developers, and designers with solid work experience are engaged in mobile app development here. The team carries out projects of any complexity for Android and iOS. They also perform cross-platform development (Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Flutter, and other technologies).

Andersen has created a mobile tool for the largest bank in Georgia, a Telecare video consultation platform, a BNPL system for a European fintech company, IoT-based logistics software for tracking freight cars, and other equally interesting projects. Customers note the professionalism, determination, and responsiveness of the development team. In 90% of cases, they return for the following projects.

Arthonsys Technologies LLP

A young and promising company, Arthonsys Technologies LLP positions itself as a web and mobile app development service in the US and India. Within 6 years of work, the team has implemented more than 100 projects for smartphones based on various technologies, including rare ones (iBeacon, IoT, NativeScript, AV/AR).

The team leads projects from the stage of ideation to software release and technical support. Specialists take into account business preferences and create platforms that enter the tops of the Play Market or App Store. Examples of this are the Restaurant Run app for replenishing restaurant stocks, the e-commerce service MartGram, the platform for the British newspaper The Sun, and other projects.

CronJ UI UX Design Company

CronJ, an international IT company, has been creating new generation mobile products for 10 years. They are based on ML, AI, big data, and other advanced technologies. The team develops native and hybrid applications for Android and iOS and creates cross-platform solutions.

The team is not limited to individual areas and takes on projects of varying complexity. So, the company has already created more than 120 software solutions, including a platform for face recognition, unmanned scales, software for tracking driver behavior, and other apps. One more important fact is that developers actively adjust AI to any business needs.

The Virtual Wild

This American interactive agency solves customers’ business problems through strategy, design, and information technology. The team creates huge immersive environments, mobile XR apps, and metaverses.

Over the 7 years of operation, Virtual Wild has gained such famous clients as Walmart, Siemens, CISCO, Samuel Adams, and other technology leaders. The agency’s projects include interactive educational quest games (GeoQuest AR), information applications Leidos Live, a platform for VR rides on exhibition trains at NorthPark, and others. Customers note the creativity, enthusiasm, and positive attitude with which the team approaches the development of mobile apps.

BR Softech

Businessmen from the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and India know firsthand about the international mobile app development company BR Softech. It has been providing cost-effective software solutions for Android, iPhone, and iPad for 12 years, taking into account pioneering technologies (RPA, AI, ML, blockchain, VR / AR).

The team has carried out mobile projects for Auto BCM, LinTok, WoundCare, Planbeep, and other companies. BR Softech takes on projects of any complexity and client focus, from enterprise management systems and e-commerce platforms to a portal for connecting doctors with patients and applications for social networks. Clients of this IT company note the excellent service from the beginning to the end of the project.

Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd

This technology company sees its mission in creating a great user experience through the development of easy-to-use, efficient and attractive mobile apps. Over 12 years of work, the team has implemented software solutions for 12 different areas: industry, banking and finance, education, utilities, real estate, and so on.

The team has completed 800 projects, the lion’s share of which includes mobile solutions. Notable works by Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd include the Selektaa music streaming platform, NR Studio fitness app, Green energy saver energy-saving software, and other programs.

Cloudester Software LLC

30% of Cloudester Software LLC projects are mobile solutions. The team implements apps for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) on Xamarin, React, and Flutter. Over the 11 years of its activity, the company has repeatedly entered the top of the best development companies according to ITFirms, appfutura, SelectedFirms, and other rating services.

The developer helps businesses across 13 different industries to implement bold ideas, from online training platforms to installment management software. Customers note the openness of the team, transparency of work, regular feedback, and professionalism. These are the qualities that motivate 95% of their customers to turn to Cloudester Software LLC again with other tasks.

Crest Infosystems Private Limited

For 10 years, Crest Infosystems Private Limited has been providing enterprise mobile solutions for organizations around the world. The team has created 800+ projects, so it can turn the most daring and complex business solutions into reality. Developers know how to adapt such trending technologies as AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, etc. to business needs. 

Clients call cooperation with the company a “fantastic experience”, note the professionalism, attentiveness, and punctuality of Crest Infosystems Private Limited employees. It is trusted by ParcelPath, MotherClock, Memlin, and other global brands. Among the company’s interesting developments are inventory management software, an automated payroll system, a mobile application for lumber production, and other products.

4 Way Technologies

4 Way Technologies specializes in mobile development: more than 25% of the company’s projects are mobile apps. Despite its “young” age (6 years on the market), the company has already opened three offices in the US, Australia, and India.

The team creates applications for Android and iOS and cross-platform solutions for healthcare, logistics, education, retail, and eight other industries. The company’s technical stack includes about 10 popular mobile technologies (Java, Kotlin, Swift, and others), but the developers are well versed in rare ones (artificial intelligence, machine learning). Notable projects of 4 Way Technologies include the first IoMe Imfree platform, one-touch video recording application, Vidooly analytics platform, and other products.


The main criterion for the success of an IT project is the right development team. If employees have the proper level of competencies, they will implement the project on time, in full, and with the required quality. They suggest how to improve the mobile app so that customers can use it with pleasure and not delete it from their smartphones. Our top nine mobile app development companies can implement the best quality platform.