The Young Sires Release New Single and Video for “Sim”

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The Young Sires just released their song and video for “Sim”, from their debut album Mainframe: Proto-gen. The trio, all brothers, is known for their K-pop influences, futuristic space-themed aesthetics and timeless boy band allure.

In their newest single “Sim”, the brothers take us on a journey to a colorful, fantasy driven cyber world, where nothing is permanent and your reality is what you make of it. The result is a pop infused ethereal sound that defies all traditional worlds. The music and music video was created entirely by the group themselves, and the vision came to life through their keen interest in video games such as Neon Genesis: Evangelion, Power Rangers, and Tron. With a mix of dreamworld soundscapes and vibrant intergalactic visuals, The Young Sires invites you to take part in their video game, with twists and turns at any given moment.

The Young Sires combines elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Sifi-Horror films for an audio visual experience like no other. The group, composed of the Suede Brothers, each bring their unique skillset and talent to the group.  Benn Li Suede handles the majority of all things relating to the music and creative direction as a guitarist, singer and songwriter, while Danny Suede serves as the video director, and Gene acts as the frontman on vocals.

Check out the new single and video “Sim” from The Young Sires here and tweet @celebmix your thoughts!