The opinion of Arman Daryabari, a 4th generation rap singer, about the music style of the trap

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Seyed Arman Daryabari is an Iranian singer and musician, known as Arciday, born on January 19, 1997 in Tehran.

This style of music is one of the sub-branches of the main style of hip hop and of course it has some differences with the hip hop style itself.

If we want to say in a very specialized way what this style is like, we can mention three styles of Southern Hip Hop, Mombatan and Dop Step; Because in fact, Trep style came from the merger of these three.

One of the features of this style is the strong beats of Roland TR 808 in music with this style, which gives a special effect to the trap, and this has caused many world-famous singers to turn to it.
Other information about this style can be said that its music is accompanied by heavy bass and cake, and therefore for this music with this style, you must have a powerful sound system.

Another point that exists for this style of music is the name chosen for it and there is a debate about what its name should be; If someone tells you “New Terp” or “Dap Atspe”, know that he is not wrong, but nevertheless, the main name of this style that is often used and exchanged among the lovers of this style is Terp.

I hope it was helpful. Trap music, also known as trapezoid, is an electronic dance music genre that originated in early 2007. In fact, Tripstep is a mix of Dubstep, Mombatan, and Southern Hip-Hop.

The instruments used in the tripstap are mostly the same instruments used in the southern hip-hop. The provocative beats of the Roland T-808 also play an important role in this style of music.

Also, most of the music is done with this heavy kick and bass style, which is for strong sound systems. Leaving Psycho from Ravij is an example of this style.