The 5 Key Ingredients to Choosing the Best Online Marketing Agency for Your Business

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The 5 Key Ingredients to Choosing the Best Online Marketing Agency for Your Business


Choosing the best online marketing agency can be an incredibly difficult task. With so many agencies to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the best one? 

A lot of people make this mistake – they choose an agency based on the lowest price or because it was the first one they stumbled upon. 

To make the most informed decision possible to choose the best online marketing agency, follow these five steps to choosing the best online marketing agency possible for your business

1) Do your Research

Make sure you research your online marketing agency thoroughly before hiring them. Don’t just look at what they’re offering – make sure you look at their reputation and references. Search online and ask around before signing any contracts. 

Hiring an online marketing agency is a big decision – so make sure you choose wisely! Agency or in-house: It’s worth thinking about whether you want to outsource your online marketing, or if it would be better for you to have an in-house team that can manage everything from strategy through execution. 

Each option has its own pros and cons, but most businesses find that having someone on board full time who knows exactly how things work internally can really streamline operations and get projects done more quickly.

2) Asking Questions

Before you hire an online marketing agency, there are a few questions you should ask. Not only will these questions give you better insight into how a company will approach your project, but they’ll also help to determine whether or not that company is right for your business. 

Think of these questions as interview questions designed to help you vet potential candidates before inviting them in.

Here are five essential questions to get you started; 

What kind of services do you offer? 

What type of clients do you work with? 

What are some examples of your work? 

What is your process and how long does it take to complete a project? 

How projects billed and what are my payment options?

3) Pick an Agency with a Good Social Media Presence

Before you even start looking at potential agencies, make sure they’re active on social media. This can tell you a lot about their digital strategy, and where your company fits into it. If they have fewer than 1,000 Facebook fans or less than 3,000 Twitter followers, you may want to keep looking. 

After all, no one wants to be part of a top 10% that’s actually in the top 1%. On average, businesses should aim for 2,500+ Facebook fans and 7,500+ Twitter followers as an agency. Don’t forget other popular networks like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube!

4) Use Reviews, Awards, and Testimonials

Reviews, awards, and testimonials are all great ways to verify that your prospective agency is actually worth their salt. Take a look at what sites like Yelp and Angie’s List say about them; search online or ask around on social media for anyone who has worked with them recently. 

Word of mouth is still one of the best indicators of future success; only you know your business better than anyone else—so trust it! 

If you feel uneasy about any agency, no matter how many positive reviews they have, don’t be afraid to walk away. It’s not worth getting involved in a relationship that doesn’t feel right from day one.

5) Choose Someone who can Provide Quality Content Consistently

If your marketing agency is good at creating content but terrible at building links, then you’re only doing half of what you need. Similarly, if they’re great at getting backlinks but can’t produce high-quality work, your ROI will suffer. 

Finding an agency that can do both means you’ll get more bang for your buck. Don’t forget to ask questions about how they carry out their strategies. You want to make sure they have a process in place and are able to explain it. 

After all, if they don’t know why something works or doesn’t work, chances are you won’t either.


Looking to choose the best online marketing agency for online marketing? There are several things you should keep in mind before selecting a company. Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll be able to find an online marketing agency that is both cost-effective and results-oriented. With so many agencies out there, you can’t afford not to choose wisely!