Rosa Drops Emotive New Single ‘Not Really A Friend’

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Singer-songwriter Rosa today (May 20th) shares her brand new single ‘Not Really A Friend’ – a super melodic, brutally honest piano ballad that sees the rising star mourn the loss of a friendship.

Co-written by Rosa along with Ben Matravers (Easy Life, Josie Proto), the track serves as the follow up to previous single releases ‘Unravel Me’ and ‘Tunnels’ – which gained over 30k plays in just a month, and was included in Spotify’s ‘Life Sucks’ playlist. 

Commenting on the deeply introspective song, Rosa says in a press release: “‘Not Really A Friend’ describes the painful feeling of being let down or hurt by a close friend. Whether you feel they’ve broken your trust, excluded you, they are drifting away or you’re always a last priority, it’s difficult to let go and move on from someone who was once such a significant part of your life.”

“Whilst mourning someone who once felt like a safe and secure place to be, the song also embodies a new sense of self-worth and learning that you deserve better. You no longer put up with making excuses for someone, but finally put yourself first.

Listen to ‘Not Really A Friend’ below:

‘Not Really A Friend’ is available to download / stream now.

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