Renowned Student, Mobeen Mian, Drops “Diversity Manuscript” On Amazon Books

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Varied cooperation and partnership is the essential notion to establishing any startup company, small business, or even organization. A recent publication by Mobeen Mian, doctoral student, was published  on implementing diversity in upper and middle management. Mian skillfully breaks down a large subject and drops ‘Incorporation of Diversity in Upper and Middle Managements.’ In July 2017, he founded his multimedia firm, #Focuseddd, with a degree in business and organizational leadership.

In this article, Mian challenges people and companies to assess their talent management strategies, as well as their approach to increasing diversity and inclusion inside businesses and groups. To satisfy their future demands within their organizations’ cultures, Mian feels that the readers will benefit from taking the time to assess the alternatives that have been presented.

Since the start of 2022, Mobeen Mian and his #Focuseddd team have published over 100 other people’s stories online, interactively, with questionnaires. Mian, a devout Muslim, promotes tolerance and respect for all races and cultures.

This publication’s objective is to increase workplace diversity by publicizing projects and providing suggestions. Increased diversity may boost inter-entity collaboration. This composition study seeks to raise awareness of diversity in corporate management hierarchies and to recommend ways to increase the number of leadership roles accessible to people of color. You can improve a company’s ability to integrate diversity at the top and intermediate management levels.

Mobeen Mian received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas. He also has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is a doctoral student at Columbia International University. Mian has worked with numerous public figures around the globe on branding and creating content from. Mian has also appeared in short films, as the project coordinator and director. 

You can follow Mobeen Mian on Instagram at @mobeenmian


Manuscript Link: Incorporation of Diversity Within Upper and Middle Managements: 9798782016753: Mian, Mobeen: Books