Pair Releases Dreamy “The Emperor’s Heart”

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Berlin, Germany-based electro-rock outfit Pair introduces their new track, “The Emperor’s Heart, the fourth single from their forthcoming debut album, The Love Equivalent.

Vocalist/guitarist Pete Fosca Jr., explains, “All men are mortal. The book inspired me a lot. It’s about an emperor who has become immortal. He tries to reform the world according to his own ideas but resigns himself to the observation that the fate of humanity seems to go round in circles. He is overcome by apathy… At the same time, he feels the need for love and condemns his immortality, which makes any of his human emotions insignificant.”

Talking about the upcoming album, Pair shares, “We wanted an honest album. But not in the typical sense of ‘pour my heart over the piano,’ but honest in relation to our ideas. Ideas that didn’t want to be cool, contemporary, retro, or indie. Ideas that had to be sure of their freedom. The result: ‘The Love Equivalent.’ Probably sounds kind of indie and retro. At least we didn’t unwrap the heart and the piano. Well, almost not! The piano; maybe a few notes here and there. The heart; maybe a few chunks here and there… in fact, maybe a little too much. Or maybe much too little. But there are acoustic guitars for the bonfire compatibility. The result sounds like Michael Corleone dancing with Sissi through her castle. ‘The Love Equivalent’ was not the search for a new sound. Rather the confrontation of self and self-image.”

Made up of Pete Fosca Jr. (lead vocals, guitar), Elias Weber (bass), Samuel Gestrich (keyboards), and Max Jännerwein (drums), Pair evolved out of the HYMMJ project. Pair has shared the stage with Theo Katzman, Starcrawler, The New Pornographers, and Cassia, along with performing numerous concerts throughout Germany and Europe.

In 2019, Pair began writing material for an album, followed by laying down tracks in 2020 with producer Zebo Adam in Vienna.

“The Emperor’s Heart” opens on shimmering washes color infused with hints of new wave savors. Glowing synths and a walking bassline give the tune creamy layering as Fosca’s velvety, dreamy vocals imbue the lyrics with warm, wistful flavors.

Jännerwein’s finessed, soft percussion provides a delicious cadence that holds the rhythm in place. Darker guitar textures offset the suffusing synths, adding sonic contrast to the melody.

Balanced and glistening, “The Emperor’s Heart” offers alluring leitmotifs, a light grounded rhythm, and superior vocals.

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