NY Based Alpha Venturi Emerges with a New Single “Radiate” alongside Debut Album

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Welcome Alpha Venturi, a newly formed rock trio out of New York that effortlessly fuses some of our favorite genres for an exhilarating musical ride. The band just released their debut self-titled album, showcasing their multi-dimensional style and mastery of hard rock, metal, classic, progressive and even some dark wave.

The highlighted track from the album is their new single “Radiate”, which is an immersive rock song about love, healing, and letting go of the things you can’t control. Sean of the band continues, “‘Radiate’ touches upon the bittersweet topic that unconditional love can exist without draining oneself to save another. It’s a song that reminds the listener that the ebb and flow is as natural to life as a single pulsating heartbeat – as the heart beats, life must continue on.” With hints of melancholia and an atmosphere of rock’s present meets past, the song rides along with a fluid sound that is well-composed and just begging to be played live.

Alpha Venturi was formed during the pandemic and is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Sean Quinn Hanley and drummer Tyler Stackhouse. The band “hopes to encourage people to find their own voice and accept that what they feel, see, and have to offer is valid, no matter how strange or uncharted it all may be.” With a sound that pays tribute to the past while openly embracing the experiential energy of the future, Alpha Venturi is making a grand entrance on the rock and metal scene.

Listen to Alpha Venturi’s new single “Radiate”

Listen to Alpha Venturi’s debut album Alpha Venturi

Check their website for upcoming US tour dates and tweet @celebmix your favorite song!