Music Premiere: Yify Zhang Releases Dazzling “Hallelujah”

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Austin, Texas-based cinematic/indie-pop artist Yify Zhang unveils her new single, “Hallelujah,” which will be followed by the video on May 30.

Talking about the song, Yify shares, “Writing ‘Hallelujah’ felt like a channeling experience. The song came out of nowhere. At first, it was just the haunting few notes of the intro. I looped it over and over again until the words came. And when they did, the song became a confessionary tale. ‘Hallelujah’ is a quiet anthem celebrating female triumph, killing all that dulls our power and spirit until we can live our fullest, unrestrained selves.”

Born in Beijing, Yify began playing violin when she was five years old. After moving to the U.S. in middle school, she learned piano and was heading toward becoming a professional violinist. However, in college, she suffered an injury to her spine, which precluded her ambition as a violinist. She began to compose and write songs.

Since 2015, she has pursued music seriously, possessed by a vision to create soundscapes where people can shed their stresses and connect with the deepest part of themselves. In fact, Zhang has delved into the world of sound healing.

Having been featured in numerous elite media outlets, Yify’s music has appeared on multiple playlists, while amassing more than one million streams in over 90 countries.

“Hallelujah” opens on trickling emerging colors, followed by the entry of a pulsing kick-drum as Yify’s ethereal, sighing voice imbues the lyrics with gorgeous tones. On the chorus, her vocals elevate to exquisite crystalline timbres, opulent and almost numinous in their gliding movement.

The feel and flow of the harmonics merge with Yify’s superb vocals, infusing the tune with devout textures and lush, shimmering leitmotifs.

Akin to a sacred hymn, “Hallelujah” is oh so beautiful, at once elegant and evocative, crowned by the sumptuous voice of Yify Zhang.

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