Music Premiere: Hoodie Rob Uzumaki Releases “Teardrops (2010)”

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New York City-based indie artist Hoodie Rob Uzumaki unveils his brand-new single, “Teardrops (2010),” a song displaying his distinctive emo-rap sound, a sound influenced by The Kid Laroi, 93feetofsmoke, Convolk, and Anxiety Attacks.

Immersed in music while growing up, Hoodie Rob found himself magnetized by hip-hop and punk rock. Since then, he has developed his own unique style of music, along with his talents as an artist, producer, and singer-songwriter.

Hoodie Rob burst onto the scene with the release of 2019’s Misa Misa, with more than one million streams on Spotify. He followed with “Ozone” and “Always on My Mind.” Then in 2021, he released his EP, Devil’s Bride, Pt. 2, followed by 2022’s “Getting Colder” and now “Teardrops (2010).”

“Teardrops (2010) opens on dreamy, dripping tones flowing into alluring, low-slung textures of luminous colors as Hoodie Rob’s melodic rapping flow imbues the lyrics with velvety timbres expressing passion with hints of melancholy.

“That’s a demon that I’m trying to leave behind me / I’m fighting every day and they know where to find me / We fight in teardrops / No I am not your friend / Ain’t had a clear thought since 2010.”

A vibrating bassline and thumping kick-drum give the measured rhythm a fat, rumbling cadence juxtaposing the gleaming harmonic overtones.

Brimming with plush sonic layers topped by Hoodie Rob Uzumaki’s deluxe flow and eloquent rhymes, “Teardrops (2010)” hits the sweet spot.

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