Music Premiere: Get Set Go Unveils “Apple Cart”

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Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist Get Set Go, aka Michael Torres, aka Mike TV, introduces his new single, “Apple Cart,” a collaboration with Mike TV’s live audience on Twitch, including his forthcoming album, #dinosore, slated to drop July 15.

Get Set Go explains, “The words ‘apple cart’ was a non-sequitur that a friend of mine once used to break me out of a heavy psilocybin-induced isolation.  It was such a wholesome, unexpected word combo and she delivered it so beatifically that it pulled me right out of my hours-long trance-of-sorts.  I told my live-streaming audience about the experience and the next time we sat down to write a song, the crowd wanted to write a song about apple cart.  So rather than making the song about psychedelic mushrooms, we used the idea of Apple Cart as a reflection on better times, friendship, and belonging in the face of financial woes, the loss of a friend, and the vicissitudes of getting by.”

Originally a duo, Get Set Go began life in 2002 and was made up of Mike TV and Patrick Flores, who recorded cassette 4-track albums under the nicknames Mike TV and Dr. Modo. After meeting drummer Amy Wood and adding her to the lineup, they produced music under the name Vermicious K. Later, they changed the name to All Your Base Are Belong To Us. Releasing a 3-track demo, they signed with TSR Records, followed by another name change, this time to Get Set Go, followed by releasing their debut album, So You’ve Ruined Your Life.

Even though Get Set Go toured nationally, they didn’t catch on. Wood and Flores left to pursue other interests. Mike TV added new members to the lineup, including violist Eric Summer. The popular show Grey’s Anatomy included songs from So You’ve Ruined Your Life on the show’s soundtrack.

In 2006, Get Set Go released Ordinary World. One of the tracks from the album was featured on Weeds. Two more albums followed before the group left TSR Records. In 2011, the band independently released Fury of Your Lonely Heart, followed by 2013’s Tumors. In 2014, Get Set Go became the solo project of Michael Torres when he moved to Austin.

Since the move to Austin, Get Set Go has released 11 full-length records, including one double album, two quadruple albums, a 102-song career retrospective, along with two side-project albums available exclusively on Bandcamp.

“Apple Cart” opens on a buoyant, strumming guitar as Get Set Go’s deluxe voice imbues the lyrics with folk tasty savors, vaguely reminiscent of Bob Dylan, because of his folk-laced tones. Rambling keyboards give the tune imaginative flavors as the upbeat rhythm provides a contagious cadence.

“When your life is falling apart / Just remember apple cart.”

With “Apple Cart,” Get Set Go offers a delicious indie-folk-pop song brimming with vibrant energy and the infectious voice of Mike TV.

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