Makeup Transition Queen Moose on How Her Passion for Makeup Helped Her Thrive

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Naysayers will say that it’s impractical, even impossible, to pursue one’s passion, especially during these difficult times. But content creators and makeup experts like Moose, aka the Makeup Transition Queen, will say otherwise. Moreover, they’re here to stand as living proof that it’s more than possible to love what one does and make a lot of money in the process. 

Muslimah Carpenter, better known by her 90,000 plus Instagram followers and 174,000 TikTok followers as Moose, is a makeup artist and instructor who has built her life around art, makeup, and social media content. As a successful beauty content creator known widely for her unique content and engaging videos, she’s out to do more than build her own empire. She’s out to help others build theirs. 

Moose is not just your everyday professional makeup artist, content creator, or educator. She started on this journey back in 2016 when she worked as a makeup artist. “I served the students at my alma mater, Howard University, and received my degree in strategic communications in 2019,” narrates Moose. “My brand evolved to include content creation when I went viral in 2018 for my take of Ciara’s #levelupchallenge where I mixed video transitions with special effects makeup.”

She would start getting more views, engagement, and followers from that fateful turn. Four years later, she is now a highly successful creator and influencer. Throughout her career, Moose has worked with NYX Cosmetics, Instagram, and L’Oreal, among many other brands. In addition, she has learned how to leverage her college degree to communicate effectively with her audience and come up with videos that catch people’s attention. 

Now, Moose looks to expand her formal education applications by building an online school called “Moose University.” She helps other beauty creators and small businesses leverage their social media influence to create income streams and pursue their passion through her education platform. Her online school includes a wide variety of resources for all people. “Some examples include my video editing classes where I teach people my method for video transitions, my educational videos breaking down the pros, cons, alternatives to popular makeup techniques, and more,” Moose shares.

Through moments of introspection, Moose has now realized the role she plays in today’s modern world. Traditional jobs are disappearing due to technology and automations. The world is moving into a new realm of careers and opportunities. The Makeup Transition Queen believes that now is the time to learn new skills that will keep one relevant in these fast-changing times. “I realized that there was a new generation of content creators wanting to replicate the success of the first original influencers, and a large increase of people wanting to learn how to do their own makeup,” she explains. “But with the constant changes in our social media platforms, I realized that my formal education and years of hands-on experience could help all the people that looked up to me and supported me through all these years.”

As Moose expands her influence and business, she hopes to keep imparting her knowledge and expertise to content creators, makeup artists, and other people to help them thrive amidst these changing times and build a life they love.