Magsy Releases Irresistible “TRUTH IS”

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Indie-pop star Magsy recently released his brand-new single, “TRUTH IS,” via AWAL Recordings. “TRUTH IS” follows on the heels of “NOISY MIND,” which was released a few weeks ago and has already collected more than 52,000 views on YouTube.

“TRUTH IS” also heralds Magsy’s announcement of his upcoming EP.

Talking about the song, Magsy shares, “I wrote ‘TRUTH IS’ with some of the same friends who did ‘NOISY MIND’ with me. I’m so grateful to have the collaborators that I do and that it allows a cohesiveness in the world this EP is creating. In TRUTH IS, I compare the thrill of street racing to the thrill of dating someone you know isn’t good for you. Excited to have this one out!”

Born into a biracial family, while growing up Magsy experienced questions about belonging and often felt isolated because he didn’t fit into a neatly defined societal role. When he was 14 years old, he began writing music. Music provided him with an outlet for his thoughts and emotions, a way to express his personal experiences.

Magsy’s innate talent, along with his inner strength and hard work resulted in opportunities to ply his craft in sessions in South Korea, writing for K-Pop stars, as well as collaborating with emerging artists in Los Angeles. Featured on the title track of Whethan’s just-released album, Midnight, Magsy’s vocal gift establishes his bona fides in a big, big way.

“TRUTH IS” opens on shimmering, swirling colors flowing into a potent, sensual pop rhythm topped by Magsy’s evocative vocals. Rippling harmonics merge with the thumping kick-drum to provide the perfect matrix for Magsy’s cool, sumptuous timbres, imbuing the lyrics with warm, alluring savors.

“TRUTH IS” pulsates on a delicious groove and iridescent harmonic hues, highlighting the plush, silky-smooth voice of Magsy.

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