Madam Bandit Releases ‘Punch You in the Face’

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Electro-pop artist Madam Bandit, aka Mindy Gledhill, unveils her new EP, Punch You in the Face, an exploration of sexual liberation and feminism.

Madam Bandit explains, “I grew up as the 8th child in a family of 9 kids. We had our own wonderfully bizarre family customs, one of which was a disco dance on Christmas Eve. It was intoxicatingly fun to play dress up and dance with my siblings — pure childhood dopamine. Later in my teens, I lived in Spain and as a Mormon teen, I’d go to the ‘discotecas’ with my friends but never drank or tried drugs. I lived for the reflections of the mirror ball on my face as I danced under the array of flashing lights. I wanted to capture the utter rush and joy of those dance-filled memories in this song.”

Originally from Northern California, Madam Bandit grew up in a devout family, members of an early American-Christian sect. A teen bride, she was advised to make motherhood her primary vocation, even though she felt pulled toward music.

Determined to carry out her religious duties and her dreams, she set out to make both happen. By the age of 22, she already had two sons and was recording her first album. That determination led to multiple successful indie albums under her given name, Mindy Gledhill, including placements with major brands and TV shows, tens of millions of plays on streaming platforms and YouTube as well as four guest-artist features with Grammy-nominated EDM superstar Kaskade.

Over the span of the EP’s six tracks, Madam Bandit parades not only her vocal talent but also her songwriting ability. Entry points include the title track, a percolating, rattling electro-pop number brimming with vibrant energy.

“At the Disco” blends flavors of electro-pop with the brio of dance-pop, offering funky synths riding an intoxicating rhythm. Madam Bandit’s electrifying vocals imbue the lyrics with thrilling sonic nuances and contagious zest.

Perhaps the best track, and a personal favorite, “Punctured Lungs” rolls out on darker colors, shimmering with luminous accents as Madam Bandit narrates learning to breathe again after a devastating loss.

“Psycho Killer” travels on eerie, sleazy colors, at once portentous and shadowy. Sighing harmonies emphasize the cloak-and-dagger savors of Madam Bandit’s haunting voice. Whereas the Noir Version of “Psycho Killer” features murky coloration, a slower tempo, and deep, thrumming drums.

With Punch You in the Face, Madam Bandit delivers alluring electro-pop approaching the brink of art-pop – creative, innovative, and bursting with delicious sensations.

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