Limitless X Takes Its Stock Public and Merges with Bio Lab Naturals, Inc. (BLAB)

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In recent announcements, Limitless X Inc., has announced a merger with Bio Lab Naturals Inc. (OTC: BLAB), the holding company specializing in nutraceutical companies. The creative and empowering lifestyle agency that has launched numerous industry-leading products in the dietary and CBD supplement sectors has finalized its previously-announced share exchange agreement. Effective May 20, 2022, Limitless X became a wholly-owned company and the principal operating subsidiary of Bio Lab Naturals, Inc.

In the share exchange, Limitless X’s equity holders have received common stock equivalent to 90% of Bio Lab Naturals Inc. on a fully diluted basis while offering all the shares of Limitless X in exchange. At the same time, Jas Mathur, Limitless X’s founder and principal shareholder, also purchased 500,000 shares of Bio Lab Naturals Inc.’s Class A Preferred Super Majority Voting Convertible Stock from Helion Holdings LLC. This stock gives him votes equivalent to 60% of all the issued outstanding shares of common stock of the company.

Limitless X, which operates as a Nevada corporation, was formed in September 2021 and will continue to execute Bio Lab Naturals’ business and core operations. This will place Limitless X in the driving seat to run Prime Time Live, Inc., a Denver, CO-based company that offers clients high-resolution mobile LED screens for corporate, entertainment and sporting events, 

Bio Lab Naturals Inc. plans to change its name and will be filing for a ticker symbol change over the next few weeks. 

Limitless X’s founder and CEO, Jas Mathur, said: “Today marks an important milestone for Limitless X. Our mission is to launch products and services which make people look good and feel great. Operating as a public company, we are now able to increase our visibility and exposure within the capital markets, expand our brand recognition and provide our market opportunity to a wider investor audience. I look forward to this next step, of entering the public markets and turning Limitless X into a rapidly growing successful enterprise and a globally recognized household brand.”

Jax Mathur as a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, has driven Limitless X into an impactful company with its integrated direct-to-consumer model, memorable brands and superior products. The company also has a rich ambassador network that includes movie stars, music stars, athletes, etc. With the recent announcement, Bio Lab Naturals Inc. hopes to expand its global ecosystem while providing unique products and service-oriented business in the beauty & skincare, health and wellness and CBD niches.

About Jas Mathur

Jas Mathur is a known entrepreneur, investor, and venture capitalist who has built multiple brands in the health, wellness, and marketing industries. He has been pivotal in the growth of many companies that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. His company, Limitless X, has helped many products hit the spotlight in the dietary and CBD supplement sectors. He is an impactful entrepreneur with over 7 million followers on Instagram and is well-connected with leaders in sports and entertainment.