LACES Drops her Nostalgic New Offering Super Weirdo

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There is a bittersweet emotion that can come with getting older. When we are a kid we cannot wait to grow up, but then that time comes and it is not as glamorous as we once envisioned. As we age we are expected to become more mature, but that maturity comes with a ton of duties and responsibilities. LACES captures those feelings of still being a kid at heart while dealing with the difficulties of adulthood in her LP Super Weirdo. Through its wistful vocals and laid-back arrangements that sentiment is really driven home.

The LP opens with the track “Almost Happy”. Her lush, delicate vocals soar over airy soundscapes to construct the ideal melancholic anthem. Describing a point we reach in our adult lives, it is a profound depiction of learning to gain self-acceptance despite how flawed most of us can be. Then there is the title track about embracing the weirdo that lives inside us all. At times we can feel ashamed of releasing our inner child. This song reminds us to let that part of us proudly shine.

LACES’ rendition of “You Get What You Give” does the New Radicals proud. Gregg Alexander is a favorite songwriter of hers. She seamlessly encapsulates his spirit while also adding her own distinctive flair. Finishing with the stripped back “Underachiever” the short piece is an ode to all the slackers whose aim is to do as little as humanly possible. LACES reveals, “It’s funny because everyone knows I am an OVERACHIEVER so maybe this track is really just wishful thinking.”

Jersey native Jessica Vaughn aka LACES’ music can be recognized by her warm tone and intoxicating backdrops. Now based in Los Angeles, in addition to her main project, she writes and produces under her legal name. Vaughn has created music for Hasbro cartoons such as Jem & the Holograms and Littlest Pet Shop. Super Weirdo shows just how far she has come.

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