Jetall Companies Inc.: The Real Estate Powerhouse Creating Value by Focusing on Local Communities

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Established in 1961, Jetall Companies Inc. is a family-owned real estate investment and management company that first commenced operating in London, England. During the RTC and S&L era in the early 1990s, the company expanded its operations into the United States and made significant acquisitions in the American real estate market. Eventually, the firm relocated its headquarters to Houston, TX, securing its spot as a power player in the American real estate industry.

Since first opening its door fifty-five years ago, the family-owned company has dominated the industry as the largest private owner of commercial office space in Houston’s Galleria submarket, with over two million square feet of commercial real estate and holdings primarily focused in Austin and Houston. Additionally, Jetall has successfully developed over thirty class A commercial rental centers and has built over 250 high-end homes fitted with state-of-the-art structures – primarily inside 610 Loop in Houston,  Texas.

As an experienced operator with active projects across the real estate spectrum in the United States and the United Kingdom, one of Jetall’s winning strategies is a vertically integrated system that allows it to handle all phases of a project from construction, leasing, and property management with an impressive team of over forty employees and subcontractors all of which assist the company’s real estate development activities. 

Asides from the firm’s undeniable competence in the technicalities of real estate development which has cemented its reputation over time, one other unique attribute of Jetall Companies Inc. is its emphasis on creating additional value from buying or building assets and finding the balance between working in global and national markets and focusing on the needs of the local community.

Jetall prides itself in the ability to execute and transact faster than any other firm in the market and has created unique systems within its acquisition process to streamline how it contracts properties. “By finding underestimated, undervalued properties, we are not relying on selling at a premium to enhance returns. Instead, we create value at purchase and focus on investment opportunities where we have differentiated insights and relationships and believe we can add value.”

At the helm of the real estate giant is CEO Ali Choudhri, a real estate guru upholding the firm’s legacy of excellence. With an over twenty-year career at Jetall, Ali Choudhri has risen through the ranks after learning the business from his father at a young age. His vast experience at Jetall spans a broad range of experiences and in-depth understanding of acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financing, development, and lending. 

Since attaining his new position, Ali has designed, built, and developed multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in Texas. He has also utilized his funds and extensive professional network to acquire over $1.2 billion of real estate assets across the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Dubai.

With Ali Choudhri at the company’s helm, Jetall Companies Inc. is positioned for the next growth phase in the real estate industry and is expected to keep its coveted spot as an industry leader.