Izza explores the empowering message of self-love in her new single “Love Bracelets”

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Following on from the release of “Shut Up!” earlier in 2022, electro-pop singer, songwriter and producer Izza has returned with “Love Bracelets,” a song that sees the Los Angeles native explore the empowering message of self-love.

“I used to value my worth based on how people viewed me and what relationships I was in or wasn’t in,” Izza says on the release of the song. “I wrote ‘Love Bracelets’ when I started focusing on myself and discovered that true happiness doesn’t come from loving someone else, but by loving yourself.”

Bringing together the soundscapes of trap-inspired beats, experimental synths and an over-arching array of digitized vocals, “Love Bracelets” sees Izza continue to offer her creating, and addictive, electro-pop nuances on full display.

Taking inspiration from her own upbringing in California, Izza’s world of pop also showcases unapologetic lyrics visually, as she uses the music video to jump between fantasy and reality as she attempts to find purpose in a materialistic world.

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