How to Optimize your WordPress Website in 2022

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How to Optimize your WordPress Website in 2022


The digital era necessitates rapidity and ease when using a digital platform. It’s vital that content management systems like WordPress be optimized to function seamlessly among competitive sites. It continues to be a leading open source platform for website or blog creations.

Enhancing your WordPress website would be dependent on improving speed, search engine optimization, web maintenance, limiting posts on your feed and using content delivery networks. It is imperative that these modifications be made routinely to have an indulgent yet smooth webpage for your followers.

Speed Improvement

The website speed can be checked using Google tools, GTMetrix and Pingdom. This gives us a simple idea of our website’s performance. Solutions to improving speed begin with choosing a trusted WordPress host. It provides safety and excellent performance.

Page Caching

Another way to lessen the burden when the page is loading during high traffic periods is by activating caching. Lastly, ensure regular updates and bugs are fixed.

SEO Optimisation

Using a SEO analyser will help generate a report that states monthly traffic, use of organic keywords and domain score. The ‘site audit’ option provides us a list of what areas require immediate attention to improve engagements.

Maintenance and Regular Updates

The best way to maintain your website is by running a full security scan once a month, and effectively deal with suspicious malware or viruses. Additionally, ensure data is saving in a backup, and free of corruption.

Customer Support

This service allows WordPress to stay true to its mission of functioning as an automated company with no physical offices but continues to let businesses flourish with seamless networking. Providing the best possible customer support ensures continuous availability and exponential increase in user interaction.

Post Limitations

It is vital that your homepage load quickly if you have a high-trafficking blog. It is common to experience lag and stoppages if numerous thumbnails are struggling to load quickly! In order to avoid such problems, enlist the support of pagination. The term pagination refers to what users notice when they immediately scroll to the end of webpage. Words like ‘next page’ or ‘previous page’ are such examples. It could also be in the form of numbers. Simply put, its text or numbers that helps you navigate between many pages. WordPress sites come with built in custom pagination, and limit the blogs displayed on screen.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

People across the globe experience different website speeds. In truth, the location of the main web server affects the rapidity in loading a web page in other parts of the world.

Content Delivery Networks can help boost global website loading speed. It uses a vast network of edge servers, where static content gets cached onto one of these servers. The ease it facilitates is that when a user visits the website, rather than download the content off the main server, they get routed to the nearest edge server, and can simply download content off it. Cloudflare and KeyCDN are easy to use for WordPress users. 

Meanwhile, secure and modify your WordPress account with the above stated suggestions and watch your website become one of the most visited and smooth pages.