How does a music become popular?

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Reza Moosavi, what is the formula and secret of popularity?

Well, we should know that first, music or Turkish should have a principled structure, so let’s talk about how to become popular, a question that has involved all musicians, is how a music becomes popular, Reza Moosavi in ​​his speech Pointing to the code of popularity, he says:

Every art that an artist creates must be (familiar) and (new), familiar in order to cross the line, and to step within the framework of art itself, just in order to That, in the presence of that art, an individual creation is seen or felt, Reza Moosavi in ​​his speeches also talks about how a very simple music can become popular?

We all care about quality, but the way the map is presented has more to do with the popularity of that work, for example, consider a favorite individual when defining a work of art, or expressing a personal feeling about that work.

That work will be popular, now let me ask you a question? Is it simple or easy to look at starting to make a work of art, familiar or new? Since we think simplicity is a technique that most people accept, we use this technique, yes, simplicity is a familiar technique.

Reza Moosavi did not talk much about the questions that Rajab’s personal life is about, and in his last interview he said that he started his career at the age of 17, and that he intends to work with Turkish singers, and that their lifestyle is Iranian. Is closer, and Reza Moosavi has lived in Turkey for some time, and has had many collaborations in the field of fashion and singing.

Reza Moosavi , with his interest in filmmaking, said that he wants to start his activities in the (horror genre). I read a book, I prefer cinema or I watch a movie at the end, Reza Moosavi said from time to time that we have to take it very seriously, many people can do many things, but in scheduling and planning, they have to be more careful.

Reza Moosavi Singer, model, filmmaker, photographer, musician, and screenwriter,
We asked Mr. Reza Moosavi how do you do all these activities together?

He said that the arts are all of the same genre, and the artists are of the same family. Suppose art is a tree whose branches are connected to one trunk.

RReza Moosavi introduces a book called “Hit makers” by the late Malcolm Goldwell One day, when it was a holiday, I went to the club to play sports, but I did not think that the club would be closed.

I had not seen him, we went to have a coffee, he was talking about the party he had prepared for the night, and he had secrets that I should go to that party too, since I say time is precious, and it should not be He spent everything, I rejected my friend, and came home, that day my mind was very confused, I decided to read a book, I started reading this very beautiful book called (Hit Makers) ‘and that day I fasted a lot It became valuable, I realized where we are going in life and where we are going, it is important that it brings us closer to our individual goals, after reading this book my artistic path was fully organized, and in my decisions It had a beneficial effect, and I recommend this valuable book to all my friends.