Halsey’s ABOUT-FACE has permanently cut prices

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Halsey is a woman who can truly do it all. In their career thus far, they have scored multiple hit records and Grammy nominations, started an acting career, become a New York Times bestseller, and most recently, launched a make-up line called ABOUT-FACE.

Since the brand’s launch in 2021, Halsey has ensured the ABOUT-FACE is accessible to everyone: easy to use products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Inclusivity is at the heart of the brand, as the singer ensured to show how the products perform on different skin tones and skin types including acne-prone skin and older skin. The brand’s Instagram account is often filled with smaller creators’ make-up tutorials to uplift and give them a bigger exposure. ABOUT-FACE has truly become a makeup brand that is inclusive to everyone, and now this is reflected in the price bracket for the products.

Recently, ABOUT-FACE held a ‘friends and family sale’, where the brand dropped its prices on consumers’ favourite products by 40%, and after the feedback from customers and the success of the sale, Halsey took to Instagram to announce the future of the brand.

“If there’s one thing the success of our recent Friends + Family Sale has brought to light, it’s that expressing yourself through makeup should never feel out of reach. That’s why, as of April 27, about-face will be permanently dropping our prices.?
Makeup for every one, every where, every way.?”

Halsey has always prided herself on engaging with her fans and listening to any concerns or feedback they may receive. The decision to cut prices is proof that an award-winning celebrity brand does not need to outprice the demographic it is targeting, and the quality of the products does not need to drop. ABOUT-FACE is paving the way for make-up that is accessible to everyone in all forms.