GEA Releases New Single/Music Video – “Uusikuu”

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Helsinki, Finland-based artist and producer GEA recently released her brand-new single/music video, “Uusikuu,” trip-hop with an elven twist.

“Uusikuu,” translated as ‘new moon,’ was born on Christmas 2020, when GEA and her family were on holiday in Finnish Lapland, on a mountain called Ruka. While walking in the woods, she had a vision of a reindeer antler headpiece.

GEA explains, “I thought for a moment whether this vision is completely insane. At that very moment, three deers jumped in front of me. I took it as a sign that the idea had to be implemented.”

GEA’s music was featured on the Netflix series Happy Jail and she has performed gigs around the world. Her music videos have garnered several hundred thousand views and have won awards at international film festivals. Her previous releases include Butterflies, Call for a Snake, as well as an EP, entitled Time.

The “Uusikuu” video was directed by internationally renowned visual artist Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois. The video was shot in the north, in a small town called Sonkajärvi. The mystical atmosphere of the filming was amplified by the fact that as the moment GEA set out to walk along the snow-tucked mandala, the bells of a nearby church began to ring. As soon as she reached her destination, the center of the pattern, the bells stopped ringing.

Opening on dark, spine-chilling colors riding a humming rhythm made up of a rumbling bassline and tight, crisp percussion, “Uusikuu” rolls forth on undulating textures topped by GEA’s elven-like tones, imbuing the lyrics with mysterious ethereal flavors.

“Uusikuu / veteen heijastuu / kuolee ja syntyy uudestaan / kierto kerrallaan / Uusikuu / sydän avautuu / ole valmis puhumaan / sun omaa totuutta.”

New moon / reflected in the water / dies and is born again / rotation at a time / New moon / the heart opens / not ready to talk / sun’s own truth.

Simmering with latent, alluring energy, “Uusikuu” glides on low thrumming hues topped by the opulent voice of GEA.

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