Gabe Griffin’s Honest Take on Music Leads to a Heartfelt Masterpiece

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Gibson Gabriel Gabe Griffin Gerace, or simply Gabe Griffin, is someone who firmly believes in pursuing his dreams. And to an artist as hungry and talented as he is, now is the best time. So he resolved to leap into a new world of possibilities and open doors and has high hopes that those who have heard his music would do too! 

Gabe artistically creates music that opens the door for people to escape reality. His type of music is for those who are seeking a brand new experience; for people who want to share in the highs and lows of people; for people who see a world of endless possibilities for all; but ultimately, he makes music because this is what he deeply loves the most.

The word “honest” is the best word that describes this one-of-a-kind artist and musician. He chose this word because he genuinely believes that the most authentic artists are the ones who can give the most meaningful music.

Gabe Griffin has two brand new singles: Nature and Philosophy. These magnificent musical pieces of art have already been released and available on various streaming platforms. 

“Nature takes on a more natural flow to rap music; with enthusiastic punch lines and a fast pace tempo, Nature represents my rhyming style and how I want to present myself in the industry. As for Philosophy, I bring together different melodies and harmonic elements of singing/rapping to emphasize my craft’s production side more! Overall, both releases will help continue to shape my identity as an artist and push new and existing fans to recognize the unique styles of my art,” said the brilliant musician.

Gabe started being exposed to art by writing poetry when he was 15. At 17, he started creating his music just before graduating from high school. After finishing college in 2020, Gabe Griffin poured out his time and energy on cultivating and developing his skills and musical career. With determination and desire for success, he reached out to Bailey Rae Harrison, co-founder of Ruby Entertainment Group, LLC. 

As they pursued their collaboration, it gave birth to Gabe Griffin’s unique and powerful identity and brand that would shape him as an individual artist in the music industry.

“What makes my music unique is that I try to create a piece of art that is not mainstream to popular songs in today’s world. While it may sound insane, it brings together the idea that my art is my art! Of course, I can recognize certain elements from influences in my life, but I won’t beat myself up by comparing my work to a popular song. I am not striving to make a radio hit. I am striving to make music that I will be proud of, which I believe makes it unique!” says the outstanding musician and artist.

In the coming years, Gabe Griffin envisions himself becoming a well-known artist who has a reputation for an honest and heartfelt take on music. As someone who makes the most out of every moment, he is very excited about what the future holds for him and the music he will create for the world.