From Coldplay to CoSo – Mobile Apps Are Making Their Presence Felt In Music

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It is fascinating to consider how essential mobile technology has become in our lives. In the past couple of decades, smartphones and tablets have emerged to be a key tool in our day-to-day affairs – whether we’re hard at work or relaxing at home. In fact, there is a strong possibility that you might even be reading this article on one of them right now.

Of course, one of the key reasons they are so crucial is their use of apps. These little pieces of software have emerged to make mobile devices multi-purpose tools, as they have opened up fresh possibilities in a range of ways.

Many capabilities

We can do a huge amount through mobile apps. Grocery orders and other shopping can be done at the touch of a button on services like Amazon, while we can also manage various aspects of our money through banking platforms.

Keeping track of news is easy too, while the gaming world has been completely transformed. Mobile games cover everything from Call of Duty to Clash of Clans, while online casino experiences have gone handheld too. For example, William Hill offers both sports betting and casino gaming via its app. The brand explains how it is available exclusively on the iOS App Store and says the mobile experience has “everything you will need”. William Hill’s game selection covers an array of areas too, including slots, table games and live casino experiences.

Of course, another area where apps have made their presence felt is in the world of music. They have transformed how many of us access and listen to songs, while artists themselves have taken the leap into the app world. Notable examples include BTS, while Ariana Grande appeared in a mobile game too.

Having an impact

Now, two recent reports have highlighted how mobile apps are continuing to make their mark on the world of music – albeit in rather different ways.

First up, Music Ally recently reported on the news that Coldplay have launched an app for their upcoming tour.  Available for iOS and Android, the app includes elements you might expect, such as live streams, videos and AR filters. However, in a more intriguing move, it also has a big emphasis on climate issues. The site explained that fans can use the carbon calculator to plan a sustainable journey to concerts, while there is information on how Coldplay are looking to cut emissions too.

Elsewhere, another app could transform how artists and performers ultimately make their music. Music Business Worldwide has covered the launch of Splice’s CoSo mobile app, which uses artificial intelligence to find samples that can work together. The website explains how users can select a style of music and then add eight layers of elements including vocals and bass. They can then ask CoSo to look for further sounds that might fit with the other loops. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

A strong relationship

Mobile apps have been part of our lives now for a number of years. However, it is clear that they can still have a significant impact in intriguing new ways.

The apps mentioned above are a fascinating glimpse into how such technology can be used in relation to music and it will be interesting to see how they ultimately perform in the months and years ahead.

However, as the world of technology and mobile platforms is always evolving, many people will also be keen to see what comes next in this area. At this point, it seems very likely that mobile technology’s relationship with music could well continue for a long time to come.