Elyse Jewel Shares Candid New Single “TBH IDK”

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Teen indie pop prodigy Elyse Jewel has just unleashed her latest single entitled “TBH IDK”. The pop rock banger is the first single of the year from this rising award-winning songwriter.

With “TBH IDK”, Elyse Jewel profiles moving on from a destructive relationship. Instead of having the courage to talk everything through or break up in a civilized manner, her love interest did quite the opposite. She confides, “the chorus and the title of the song were inspired by his response when I asked what our relationship was to him. He actually said “tbh idk”, and ghosted me.” Sonically, “TBH IDK” thrills with 90’s inspired rock guitar riffs, passionate vocals full of soul and an infectious melodic chorus that lingers. Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, Elyse Jewel is paving a similar path with her own brand of confessional songwriting.

Elyse Jewel is a musician, singer/songwriter and mental health advocate. The multitalented artist confides, “my songwriting process feels like a therapy session a lot of times,” she says of sharing authentic storytelling. “I want my music to resonate with people and for those who hear it to think, ‘Hey that’s how I feel’ or ‘I’ve been in that situation.” “TBH IDK” is her latest track with promises of a visual EP set for release this summer.

Take a listen to the new single by Elyse Jewel and tweet us @celebmix your thoughts.


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