E-Lo TheFranchiseKid on Growing and Honing His Skills as a Musician

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Journeying into the music world often requires some deliberate steps, but for many, those steps are usually difficult and challenging. For ELo TheFranchiseKid Fulmore, who was born and raised in South East, Washington DC, his journey in the music industry started with a move from his violent neighborhood in DC to Brooklyn, New York.

At a young age, he enjoyed playing basketball more than anything else, but he had a heart murmur, which prevented him from seeing his hoop dreams come to fruition. He switched his attention to his true love, hip-hop, and delved into The Score by the Fugees, Biggie, Lauryn Hill, Ludacris, and Nas. After attending a Def Jam showcase at the legendary Apollo Theatre, he decided to switch things up and got inspired by  hip-hop legend  Rakim, DJ Scratch, Wu-Tang, and Keith Murray. He then got his shot when he wrote the song “Dance With Me, You Have Worth With Me” for young hip-hop artists, DJ Jus and Lil’ Nique.

From songwriting, E-Lo TheFranchiseKid started recording mixtapes on his own and was getting attention from major labels. He faced some hiccups that made his first deal fail, but he was undeterred and kept pursuing his dreams. In his pursuit of greatness, he got the opportunity to open for famous New York rapper Jim Jones and Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, blazing the stage at Source Magazine and getting featured on the No-ID Tour featuring Jazze Pha, Ace Hood, Soulja Boy, and more.

He was unable to enjoy a long stretch of success for a while, which prompted him to take his career into his own hands. He decided to go independent and work with teams all by himself. ELo TheFranchiseKid is currently working on his LP titled Start From Scratch, which he’s working on with his cousin, Blind Baby.

Now, his vision is to send a shockwave through the entertainment industry and leave a giant mark as an artist. He hopes to release authentic music and stir up conversations about his truth. Recently, E-Lo TheFranchiseKid signed with a new manager, Donnell Washington Jr., the CEO of Million Dollar Networking. With the new management, he hopes to conquer more grounds as a musician, release more projects, and perform on as many stages as possible.

He has built quite a following with his energetic performance, evident in his track “Pick A Side,” which has thousands of views on YouTube. And with his dreams coming alive gradually, E-Lo TheFanchiseKid hopes to make the most of the opportunity he has to entertain the world, build a successful brand, and build a legacy that many young people can emulate.