DISCOVER: DJ G-String reconfigures her most-streamed tracks into an addicting trance remix EP titled “In The Mirror”

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Recently released, and which has certainly got our attention, is this awesome new EP by DJ G-String which is titled “In The Mirror”. Having already hit hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams on her songs, DJ G-String has reconfigured her tracks into trance-addicting remixes that hypnotise the listeners into moving, more so than the originals. This EP follows up her collaborative remix with TC5Official on her track “Only If”, as well as her 2021 cover of the Eurythmic’s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” in collaboration with P5YCh0h.

DJ G-String, real name Galaxia Martin, is a Chicago-based DJ who has been rising for the past couple of years. She got the name, DJ G-String, from a nickname that a good friend of hers created when she was back in high school as she used to wear the clothing item a lot and apparently you could see them from behind depending on what she was doing, and so when she started DJing, she decided on using that name – she revealed in an interview with Ascendant Magazine. She has quickly bolstered her streams on Spotify, gaining over 1 million streams since her debut in 2020 – something a lot of artists struggle with and something that certainly shows how talented she is. Prior to becoming a DJ, she was in a band called Digging4Julie but now she’s currently a resident DJ on Good Groove Radio, Secret Lounge Radio, Ibiza Stardust Radio and at the Subterranean Music Venue in Chicago. In honour of her most popular songs, which have hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, DJ G-String has created this remix EP, titled “In The Mirror”.

This five-track EP really showcases DJ G-String’s talent within the music world, as she created three of the remixes solely, whilst working closely with P5YCh0h and Chriszio on the last two remixes. “Always”, with the original amassing over 122,000 Spotify steams, starts the EP off with a bang, switching it up with unforgettable beats and a tremor of a vocal that the listener certainly feels. The second track is “Your Love” which is passionate and full of defying drops and heavy interludes. This is followed by “All These Nights” which has an early bass drop that eagerly brings the listener in ready for the tense builds and hyper-sonic breaks, that are bound to intrigue. Track four “Only If” is remixed by P5YCh0h and makes an impact from the first minute, developing nicely into track five “Runaway” which features Lindsey Compton and is remixed by Chriszio, and is set to end the EP on a high as the unstoppable beats collide consistently with the magnetic vocal.

Talking about the track, DJ G-String said: “The title is a symbolic reflection and celebration of what I have built in this dance music ecosystem so far. It was important to emphasise that we are all unique, and sometimes, you just have to stop and look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you love.”

Stream “In The Mirror” EP by DJ G-String here:

The EP, “In The Mirror” by DJ G-String, is available to download and stream right now. She is set to drop seven more releases this year alongside a remix for Trip.P.

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