Country Music Star Alexis Taylor Releases New Single, “Long Way From Home”

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Facing adversities is an inevitable part of one’s journey in life. Still, difficulties do not have to keep you from achieving your goals and finding the happiness you seek in life. This proves true for Alexis Taylor, a country music singer-songwriter who left her country to move to Nashville to pursue her dreams.

Hailing from Huntsville, Ontario, the vibrant small community nestled among lakes and trees, Alexis Taylor is a talented young Country music singer-songwriter pushing the boundaries of music with her incredible vocals. Growing up, Alexis was surrounded by music as both her parents were songwriters. Her early exposure to the calming sound of music at a young age fueled her passion and love for music so much that she began writing songs and playing them on her acoustic guitar. “Both my parents are songwriters and are very musical. So music is a part of me—it has always been in my blood,” she said. 

Her passion would lead her on her first trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and eventually, the budding artist relocated to the Music City to pursue her dreams. Finally, in the Summer of 2016, Alexis found her spotlight as she launched her international career with a tour throughout Scandinavia and opening for renowned singer/songwriter Doug Seegers. The opportunity gave her the much-deserved spotlight and truly allowed her to thrive as a performer.

In 2018, the country music star released her debut single, “Blame The Whiskey” , an instant hit with the audience. Riding on the wave of success, she played at events such as Canadian Music Week in Toronto and CMA Fest in Nashville and opened for artists such as Marshall Tucker Band, Love and Theft, and Meghan Patrick. 

Her astounding talent on the guitar and brilliant vocals has earned her numerous nominations and awards, such as “Female Vocalist of The Year” at the 2018 Tennessee Music Awards and “Modern Country Vocalist of The Year” at the 2020 and 2021 Josie Music Awards. In an interview with American Singer Songwriter Magazine, Ken Churilla writes, “You hear Alexis Taylor sing, and you wonder, why isn’t this woman all over the radio? Then you dig a little deeper, and the question changes from why isn’t she on the radio to why isn’t Alexis Taylor a star?” 

Far from a one-time wonder, Alexis continues to wow her audience. Her latest album, Ain’t No Quittin’ You, produced by multi-award-winning musician John Willis, is a testament to this. The album was a hit and included tracks that climbed as far as #15 on Sirius XM radio in Canada.

With high hopes for 2022, the music star launched her first track of the year, an emotional song chronicling her journey as a musician and the hardships she has encountered, aptly titled “Long Way From Home.” Although, in an interview, she shared the motivation behind the soul-gutting song, she said, “When I was writing ‘Long Way From Home,’ “I just had one of those days where I felt like just giving up  [on my music career], but how do you give up on something you feel like you were called to do? I wanted to capture the feeling in the melody and lyrics of the song. So I started pouring my heart out, and the song seemed to write itself.” 

Despite her uncertainties, Alexis believes that music is her true calling and thus, she soldiers on, her resilience fueled by her passion and love for music. “Even though I go through days of uncertainty, I was able to create this song as a reminder of how far I have come,” she says. 

In the coming years, the country music star wants to continue making music, going on National and Global Tours and teaching kids about music while expanding her mission work.