Best Sports Activities for a Healthy Heart

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Nowadays cardiovascular diseases are one of the worst enemies of our mankind. They are usually caused by a sedentary lifestyle, addictions like smoking or alcohol, bad blood, chronic stress, and a poor environment. It is very important to strengthen your heart in such a situation. Many sports activities can help you to become healthier.

According to many researchers, the best way to become healthier and avoid heart problems is to do aerobic activities. Such exercise provides cardiovascular conditioning by making blood pressure lower and improving lung functions.

According to the American Heart Association, exercises should be done regularly: four or five training sessions per week are enough. Two other main rules of proper aerobic exercise are cyclicity and moderate intensity. That means that the heart rate should be about 150 beats per minute during sports activities. It is hard to reach such a result while you are walking, even if you do it fast. But cycling, swimming, running, and skiing will definitely help you. We will tell you about the benefits of each sport.


All professional riders have highly trained hearts that usually work in economy mode. That helps other human organs not to wear out so fast. For example, Miguel Indurain’s normal heart rate is about 30 beats per minute. Miguel is a five-time winner of the prestigious bicycle race “Tour de France”.

Fortunately, you do not have to ride 200km every day just to train your heart as professional riders do. Ten kilometers per day is enough to strengthen your heart muscle.

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We are not talking about regular swimming or games, but about active swimming. It doesn’t matter which style of swimming you prefer — they all are helpful. The duration of the training and its intensity is more important.

Swimming prevents cardiovascular diseases and has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Moreover, swimming relieves stress and tiredness. There’s nothing better than to swim in the pool after a tough day.


Running is the easiest and the most available type of sport. You don’t need to buy special equipment or a gym membership. You can run in all seasons and weather conditions. People who run regularly decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. You also train your heart muscle, stabilize your pressure and lose weight.


This type of sport requires certain skills, special equipment, and appropriate weather conditions like snow and cold. But everyone can learn how to ski, and all the advantages are worth it.

Skiing makes you use the muscles of the upper and lower body, and all the cyclic movements just happen automatically. But you should not forget about the intensity and the length of the distance, because it affects the result. Slow skiing trips and short distances are not enough.

Do sports and be healthy!