All You Need To Know About These Top 10 Real Estate Companies in 2022 That Everyone Is Talking About

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All You Need To Know About These Top 10 Real Estate Companies in 2022 That Everyone Is Talking About


Real estate is at an all-time high in the US. To personify this claim, during the year 2021, more than 6 million homes were sold.

Irrespective of the tumultuous year and the way COVID-19 has impacted the real estate business, things have bounced back at a much faster rate with the real estate business witnessing considerable competition among competing firms.

There are times, a home is barely on the market for a week and it’s raining offers especially when mortgage rates are at a minimum opening the market to buyers grabbing every opportunity in to buy available homes.

When it comes to buying or selling a home, the real estate company you hire will have a direct decide the success of your transaction. Typically you’ll want to hire someone with a stellar record in negotiations, pricing strategies, and a dedication to supporting you in achieving your goals.

Whatever your goals are when buying or selling a home, working with the best real estate companies and their teams of agents in your region is advantageous.

After all, the best companies have the best agents who can leverage their experience and training to help you sell or buy a house and rake in the moolah.

If you’re someone who wants a piece of the action but is skeptical about which real estate companies to rely on, fear not as we have listed the top 10 real estate companies you should consider calling in 2022.

Houzeo is one the best option in this list simply because it offers way more than its peers—the best mix of discounts, technology, and customer service of any For Sale by Owner website we’ve researched.

Houzeo gives all of the necessary information on the property in a thorough manner. When you uncover an excellent deal, you may make an immediate offer to the seller. Houzeo has a unique mobile app version which compatible with both “Android and iOS” is enabling homebuyers to explore listings at their convenience and even bookmark them to their ‘Favorites’ irrespective of where they are.

Houzeo has a unique feature that allows you to share the property with your friends and relatives. Later, if there is any communication you want to initiate with the seller, simply fill out the appropriate information and request the seller to initiate the chat.

Where fees are concerned, everything is laid down in a crystal clear manner for all to see without the possibility of any hidden charges popping up later.

To know more about Houzeo, check out Houzeo reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google.


Zillow is one of the top real estate companies in the United States. True to its reputation, Zillow offers a variety of useful features ranging from listing segregation to complex filter choices. Zillow pulls data from leading MLS platforms and allows buyers and agents to browse properties directly on the platform.

Zillow is completely free to use, and it will expose you to fantastic houses.

Here, you may choose a perfect home depending on your preferences for Price, Beds and Baths, Home Type, and many other factors.

You can also exploit their “save search” tool to save your search criteria.


Redfin, headquartered in Seattle, is a well-known discount real estate firm in the United States.

The Redfin app enables you to view houses, list them for sale, and contact brokers. In essence, Redfin saves pennies while squandering time and effort.

Despite the fact that it is a real estate brokerage business with several licensed agents, it is best recognized as a house-hunting website.

Redfin’s home search function is only available in locations where you may buy or sell with a Redfin agent. The “Redfin Compete Score” provides detailed information about the competitive pricing of homes in the neighboring area. You may also utilize their website to look for condominiums, property, and open houses near you.

With respect to the tools Redfin provides, some of the tools which are useful to buyers and sellers are an affordability calculator, a house purchasing guide, information on the US housing market, and much more.

Keller Williams

A real estate powerhouse and a league apart, Keller Williams Realty, Inc. bills itself as the world’s largest real estate technology franchise in terms of agent count.

Keller Williams is also the market leader in terms of units and sales volume in the United States, with over 1,100 offices and 200,000 employees worldwide. During the last leg of 2021, Keller Williams has approximately 173,274 agents in the United States and Canada and 14,847 agents actively operating outside of the United States and Canada, totaling 188,121 active agents operating worldwide.


Trulia is a modern, powerful, and user-friendly real estate website. Back in 2005, they developed a transparent website as well as a mobile application. It enables house buyers and renters to seek for a suitable property while on the road.

Trulia also has fantastic house-buying tools, such as the ability to restrict your search depending on price range, home type, number of bedrooms, and many other factors. Furthermore, with their detailed maps and flexible filters, it is easy to find local information on the property.

More significantly, Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow that strives to be a one-stop-shop for all house purchasers. With an interactive mobile application, they place a significant emphasis on education and community interaction.


HomeFinder is an online marketplace that connects buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. It is one of the most established players in the internet real estate business.

Many customers have expressed their discontent with the scarcity of products in some places. The website is pretty straightforward to use, with an easy-to-navigate design.

You may search not only for houses for sale and rent but also for properties that are not yet on the market – a rare find and a fantastic opportunity to acquire a great deal.

HomeFinder may also be used to determine local mortgage rates in each state, making it a handy tool for evaluating your expenditures if financing is required.

The nicest part about HomeFinder is that it includes a large number of “for sale by owner” ads, including ones that aren’t listed elsewhere. HomeFinder can help you uncover unique properties, and you may ask your agent to bargain directly with the seller. allows buyers to purchase repossessed and bank-owned houses. A popular home’s price might skyrocket during a bidding war. If you win an auction, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that you have the highest bid, and you must now complete the form within one business day.

The bulk of properties put up for sale on are foreclosures or bank-owned residences that are eventually sold to investors. While exploring the site, you may bookmark properties you like as ‘favorites,’ and the app will then provide tailored suggestions based on your profile.

Both online and in-person auctions are options. Even if you place the highest bid in a lender confirmation auction, the lender is under no obligation to accept your offer.

You should be aware that the homes advertised on are intended at investors rather than people searching for a residential house, so consider viewing the property before paying out!


The business concept of Offerpad—one of the leading firms that buy properties for cash—is a direct competitor of Opendoor. Aside from the fact that Opendoor is a much larger company, the biggest distinction is that Offerpad charges a 6-10% service fee.

Offerpad will pay for a professional moving service to deliver your furniture, products, and valuables if you reside within 50 miles of your new home.

Despite the fact that Offerpad is increasing its usage of automated certification technologies, the company offers a very clear qualifying requirement.

Although one of the main criteria to be eligible for an Offerpad offer is that your home must be a single-family, single-acre home built after 1960 and priced less than $600,000 post there’s a good chance Offerpad will buy your property.

When you’re looking for a property, FSBO offers the most basic amenities. On their website, they advertise over 1200 for sale by owner homes. You may narrow down your search by Zip code, price, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The platform is built on outdated technology, and the majority of the procedures are carried out by hand (printing, scanning documents, etc.).

In terms of services, they provide foreclosure listings and real estate contracts.

Clever Real Estate

Buying a property may be difficult, but Clever Real Estate can provide you with some excellent resources that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Making an informed purchase selection is required. On their website, you’ll get data-backed information regarding average commission rates and closing expenses, as well as tips on how to obtain a cash refund anytime you buy a house.

Clever Real Estate connects you with a local real estate agent from top organizations such as Berkshire Hathaway, Keller Williams, and RE/MAX.

Check out some Clever Real Estate reviews on leading review websites and get a better understanding of why it is considered one of the top real estate companies in the US.