Aibai Releases Atmospheric New EP – ‘Disconnected’

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Phoenix, Arizona-based producer Aibai introduces her new EP, Disconnected, transporting listeners into a dream-like state.

Written during a time she felt detached from reality, Aibai immersed her feelings of removal into her music.

Originally from Minneapolis, Aibai’s sound reflects her experimentation with various genres, with Disconnected mirroring an exploration of electronic dance elements. Influenced by artists like Odesza and Polo & Pan, the EP blends organic instruments with electronic flavors to create a unique balance of leitmotifs.

Aibai began producing music four years ago, while attending the University of Minnesota, posting a series of bootleg remixes on Soundcloud. Her remix of “Can I Call You Tonight” caught the attention of indie-pop artist Dayglow. Since then, Aibai has collaborated with numerous artists, creating an array of tracks. Aibai will be touring the West Coast this summer.

Encompassing four tracks, Disconnected begins with “Higher,” opening on gleaming colors featuring a darker guitar filament. A mid-tempo rhythm gives the tune an alluring cadence as delicious layers of sound splash overhead.

Talking about “Higher,” which includes samples she recorded of her roommates and pets, Aibai shares, “It was super fun including everyone on this song! And I had a fun time taking their voices, meows, and barks and turning them into a cool new sound that could add to the song.”

The title track merges savors of dream-pop with contagious, shimmering tiers of dance textures, simultaneously dreamy and creamy. “Peaches” travels on a potent dance rhythm, pushing forward on a thumping kick-drum as light vocals add whispery timbres, imbuing the lyrics with luscious redolence.

The final track, “Gone,” offers a swirling intro flowing into a straight-ahead rhythm topped by wavering colors rife with sparkling accents. Murmuring vocals infuse the song with pensive, oscillating tones.

At once low-slung, smooth, and atmospheric, Disconnected delivers singularly imaginative washes of dance and pop music.

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