Adele’s Maintains Fourth Consecutive Week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with “Easy on Me”

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Adele has been setting the Billboard charts on fire recently with her newest single, “Easy on Me.” The song debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 from the first five hours of its release, and it still continues to dominate radio airplay, streaming, and sales to this very day. In today’s highly competitive music industry, this is no easy feat, with every major artist releasing their own music to legions of their fans. 

On October 23, Adele’s latest song following her six-year hiatus landed on the 68th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. Since then, “Easy on Me” has been at the top for the fourth consecutive week. It also stands as the biggest song in the world, notching a fourth No.1 on both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excluding U.S. charts.

“Easy on Me” is the lead single off her upcoming fourth studio album, 30. The track brings listeners back to Adele’s firebrand vocals and her remarkable range. The song is a harrowing tale about divorce and serves as Adele’s plea to her son to be kind to her as she picks up the pieces of her broken marriage. The song was produced by Greg Kurstin and released on October 15 to raving reviews from critics and audiences alike, shattering records in the process.

Not only did “Easy on Me” break the previous Spotify record set by BTS’ “Butter” when it garnered over 24 million streams in its first twenty-four hours, but it also earned the most streams in a single week with 84.9 million streams. “Easy on Me” is the English singer-songwriter’s 14th career entry on the Hot 100 and her fifth chart-topping track. 

The song’s performance on multiple platforms so far hasn’t been surprising, given the hype surrounding the single and the quality for which Adele’s discography is famous. This week, Billboard reported that “Easy on Me” drew 78.1 million radio airplay audience impressions (up by 12% from last week) and 23.6 million U.S. streams. 

Additionally, the song sold 14,600 downloads in the November 5-11 tracking week. Considering that Adele was one of the powerhouses in an era dominated by physical and download sales, her ability to still reign in a time where streaming has taken over the music industry has been a remarkable feat.

“Easy on Me” also holds the honor of leading the U.K. singles. Dominating both the US and UK charts, Adele is definitely hitting her stride with her upcoming fourth studio album, 30. The album is scheduled to arrive on November 19, featuring 12 songs, with the deluxe edition containing three more bonus tracks.

Adele is yet again ready to deliver a powerful record filled with heart-wrenching emotions. New fans and old fans are anticipating the release of her new album, and talks about awards are already in place for the renowned female artist. The Grammy Award-winning singer is ready to show the world what she can do once more, and fans will be delighted come November 19; that much is clear.