021kid to become one of the Most Streamed Persian Rappers of all time

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If you’ve been keeping up with popular music at all over the past couple years, you’ve heard of 021kid. Born Tony Mohraz in Tehran, Iran , 021kid’s meteoric rise in rap can be attributed to his charisma, tenacity, and the high energy he brings to his songs.

These days, 021kid is almost more myth than man.

The 24-year-old is considered to be the Persian drill music genre
Most recently, he released his hit single featuring “ isam “ Called “Toofani “ and received massive commercial success.
So how did a former child from Tehran manage to surpass his own mentors, date models and reach 10 million players and break several records previously held by The previous generation ?

021kid took his stage name inspired by the code of his City which is 021 ( Tehran ) and he repping the set of his city.

021 Kid

17, 18, is when he was really getting into that hip hop phase , and really studying the things that he needed to study as far as learning about flows and learning about lyrics,”

“I write songs, I do music,” he says. “These are full from front to back of just songs, pages and pages of lyrics and ideas — something that I’ll probably never use, I mean, ’cause they’re old. I just like to keep them around for nostalgia purposes.”

021kid has been making music since 2012, but the Tehran native would find buzz with his Mofasal Mixtape in 2017, and later gain his mainstream rap footing with the release of an independent Charted Single , 31tir, in 2020.

This Song would also give 021kid his Most Played Song On Soundcloud at the time, “31tir,” which peaked at one of the most played Persian rap songs. He hasn’t looked back since, releasing the first Persian drill in the history in September 2020 of that year to critical acclaim.

“Dally” would also help 021kid Getting approached by the famous Iranian Rapper “ Yas “ Saying to keep the good work up and be consistent to form the Persian drill genre which was new to everyone by that time , he currently has Over 10 Drill Songs nods going into the 2022 Ceremony“ .

His climb in hip-hop wouldn’t come without trials though, encountering a lots of gates at the beginning of 2020. Tony would go on to release his first studio album, Gang shit zakhar , during Summertime.

Despite this, in only two short years 021kid has collaborated with the likes of Alireza JJ , Poobon , Isam , Hoomaan , and Ali Ezza , among others. Through it all, 021kid’s drive and hustler’s mentality have made him a mainstay talent in hip-hop with a bright future ahead of him.

For a non-UK rapper to have made such a mark in hip-hop is one thing, but 021kid far surpasses the realms of rap. He was one of the Soundcloud’s most streamed Persian artists of the decade, with more than 10 Million Plays in less than 2 years . Most of his songs has over 100k streams , his first studio album due this summer, it’s pretty much guaranteed 021kid will break more records in 2022.