Walking Apollo Releases ‘You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc.’

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Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-folk project Walking Apollo recently released a brand-new EP, You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc.

Guitarist/vocalist Buddy Taccolini explains, “When I wrote music in the past, they always seemed to come out as darker songs.  For some reason, I couldn’t write happy music, no matter how hard I tried. This album was so simple for me to write sunnier lyrics. Having my wife as my muse has made my world brighter and it shows in my lyrics.”

Appearing on the EP are Buddy Taccolini (music, lyrics, guitar, vocals), Christina Rotondo (vocals), Liam Ward (harmonica), and Toby Wilson (all other instruments).

Originally from Michigan, singer-songwriter Buddy Taccolini, aka Walking Apollo, now lives in Fort Worth, Texas, where he paints sonic pictures of everyday life through his music.

Encompassing five tracks, the EP begins with “Glowing in the Dark,” opening on a low-slung strumming guitar backed by a braying harmonica. Christina’s luscious, delicate tones give the lyrics luminous coloration.

“Impossible: The Fairytale of Campus Martius Park” conjures up shimmering hues of optimistic aromas. Wilson’s expressive harmonica gives the tune enticing accents as Walking Apollo’s velvety tenor infuses the lyrics with warm textures.

“Sew” travels on slightly darker colors. Christina’s remarkable voice delivers delicious timbres, rife with melancholic tints. I love the drums on this track, injecting the rhythm with tasty percussive enunciations. “Lovely People” features gentle, sparkling guitars topped by Walking Apollo’s evocative voice, which shifts to antiphonal exchanges with Christina. When the two voices blend in harmony, a polychromatic palette emerges.

The final track, “Impossible (Demo),” is a creamier version of “Impossible: The Fairytale of Campus Martius Park,” featuring smoother textures and softly glowing harmonies. Although both are excellent, my personal preference is “Impossible (Demo).”

Gorgeously wrought, You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc. is at once tender, quietly bright, and oh so easy to listen to.

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