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Victory Productions Forms New Future with Glenmore Industries

Introducing a New Marketing Agency – epIQ Creative Group

Victory Productions joins as a division of Glenmore Industries to form a new marketing agency, epIQ Creative Group. Glenmore’s prior interest in the association and event industry, through their sister division SMT expo, provides premium brandable fabric booth systems for trade shows and events. The formation of epIQ allows Victory to become a full-scale demand generation marketing agency for associations, non-profits, events, and Brands. Not only will epIQ service these clients through its robust service offerings and partnerships, but it offers a unique technology based process to drive demand to their brands.

“To say I am excited would be an understatement,” says Bill McGlade, President of epIQ Creative Group, “Our new partnership allows us to not only service our current clients in a deeper and richer capacity but will further our expansion into new technology and service offerings. We plan to transform associations, non-profits, and events into media agencies by bringing them back to their core foundation – delivering value to their audience. Our expansion into brands allows us to drive demand through epIQ content creation and most importantly, distribution. Glenmore prides itself building strategic partnerships and thereby creating valued personal connections with their clients and customers. That is what epIQ will do for all of our clients and their audiences.”

Scott Lebwohl, the Executive Vice President of Glenmore Industries says, “”We are proud members of ESCA, and various Live Event associations, and continually strive to provide the best products and services needed to help our customers make an impactful return to Live Events. Joining forces with Bill and Victory to create a new powerhouse in demand driven experiential marketing is integral to expanding our event-based solutions strategy. Our events division customers are increasingly preferring bundled solutions, and we are excited to expand our product and service offerings to meet that demand. Bill’s experience and passion perfectly aligns with Glenmore’s track record of producing dynamic and ambitious growth through proficiency and client-centric relationships. SMT and epIQ will bring Glenmore into the next phase of expansion through meta and live event value-add services.

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