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Fort Worth, TX: The Medlin Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services to clients facing different criminal charges in Fort Worth. One of the services provided by a Medlin criminal lawyer is to assist the client in fighting assault charges by critically analyzing and finding fault in the prosecutor’s case. Thanks to their experience in handling similar cases, they are able to assist clients in understanding the possible outcomes and the correct nature of their case. Besides bringing the client to speed, the attorney builds a defense strategy using different approaches, such as showing the court that the client did not intend to cause injuries.

The Medlin Law Firm Fort Worth also represents clients charged with fraud. In Texas, if somebody is suspected of having committed forgery, credit card fraud, involved in deceptive business practices, security fraud, or sending bad checks, they are charged with fraud as outlined in chapter 32 of the Penal Code. A fraud attorney applies different strategies to protect the client’s interests. This includes developing a customized legal approach and bringing forensic investigators and expert witnesses to pinpoint flaws in the prosecutor’s case. With the spirited fight, the client has a chance to avoid jail time and other harsh punishments such as financial fines, job loss, and pressure on the family.

Individuals charged with DWI can also get assistance from the firm, thanks to the DWI lawyer’s experience handling similar cases and extensive knowledge of the relevant laws. Besides creating a defense strategy to protect the client’s interest in plea negotiations and trial, the DWI attorney assists them in navigating the process. This includes things like following up on the court dates and helping them deal with the possibility of losing their license. They also challenge the prosecutor’s case by using different strategies. They can also assist the client in possibly avoiding the hefty fines, which can range from $2,000 to $10,000.

The Medlin Law Firm Fort Worth also represents clients charged with drug charges. They can develop an effective and solid legal defense against possible devastating consequences such as a jail term. In addition, a drug attorney can apprise clients on legal rights as accused and their chances based on the prosecutor’s charges. Besides ensuring they are aware of the possible outcomes, the attorney offers guidance and develops a plan, which mainly critiques the prosecutor’s case. Other similar practice areas include representing clients charged with murder, gun crimes, failure to appear in court, expunction, and airport crimes.

The Medlin Law Firm is located at 1300 S University Dr #318, Fort Worth, TX, 76107. Clients can contact the team at (682) 204-4066. Visit the law firm’s office for more information.

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