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By harnessing the power of the latest advances in digital marketing, the SaaS company will help small businesses and startups scale their marketing operations and anticipate growth by targeting potential clients based on their geographic location and proximity to services.

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To be precise, Technology Source can now connect its business clients with local and regional SEO experts to help target new leads and convert them into sales. By getting location-specific first-page rankings on popular search engines, companies can exponentially increase their online exposure among customers looking for their unique products and services.

Moreover, its wifi analyitics providers can help companies capitalize on BlueTooth and wifi connections as a means of netting in customers within their immediate area by targeting them with exclusive ads, discounts, and promotions.

Technology Source has connections with over 500 service providers, including internet marketers, communications experts, and UX/UI professionals. After being assigned a personal technology sourcing advisor who can negotiate optimal, wholesale prices on their behalf, clients will gain access to exclusive top-tier services at a fraction of the cost.

The SaaS (Sourcing-as-a-Service) solution aims to partner each client with the most appropriate provider for them, considering their budgetary and business needs. As such, company owners can save money and time they would have otherwise spent shopping around for services and instead focus on running their business operations.

In addition to location-based advertising solutions, the SaaS company can provide options for people looking to outsource their cybersecurity, communications, software development, and connectivity departments. In a simple, three-step process, Technology Source clients partner with an advisor committed to devising and deploying the optimal business strategy for their needs.

A satisfied client said, “We greatly appreciated their expertise and assistance in understanding the different options and technologies we could employ. They were there for us through each step of the project. The partnership that Technology Source provides is stellar and we’re very happy to be working with them.”

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +1-800-340-8115.

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Technology Source

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