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Experts are noting a rise in household-related crimes in the United Kingdom, according to the national government. With research suggesting these events are related to the pandemic, and more people driven towards petty crimes, Josoemag Services announces that its security packages have been further updated to benefit all its private clients in the London area.

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With the strengthened private protection, clients can rest easy knowing that their property is secured by manned guards. Differentiating itself from the competition, Josoemag Services takes pride in its ground-up beginnings and serves its clients with the same dedication and passion since it began in 2009.

It understands that security and safety are crucial aspects of quality of life – families and businesses should be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that there are mobile security patrols and a battle-tested alarm response protocol in place should the untoward happen.

These services have become all the more important during these times, explains the company. In the latest report issued by, crime against household and adults have increased in the last few years; an event, experts say, primarily influenced by the impact of the current health crisis. Police reports have stated that desperation and a lack of funds have driven many white-collar workers to engage in petty crime.

Individuals or companies that want to hire a guard should invest in a trusted security service company. At Josoemag, they can do so with ease.

The process is simple. After an initial call with the security provider, clients can schedule an ocular inspection with Josoemag. This is for them to assess what needs to be set in place, either in terms of manned guards or alarm response, to secure the entire property. If the client approves of the proposed plan, the company will immediately mobilize to provide 24/7 private protection.

A satisfied client wrote, “I want to thank Josoemag team officer on our site for the endless service you have given our company, even at this difficult time of the pandemic, your service to us remains uninterrupted.”

Josoemag Services Ltd is a family-operated company based in Dartford, Kent that provides various private security services to UK individuals and businesses in Southwark, Peckham, Lewisham, Woolwich, Bromley and other areas in South East London.

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