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New York, NY – Recovery Delivered is on a mission to provide as many people as possible with medication-assisted treatment for their opioid addiction. The addiction treatment and rehabilitation center is leveraging the internet and online presence to spread addiction treatment to people in cities and rural communities while cutting down commute time. Through their online addiction treatment services, they aim to touch more lives, remove barriers to addiction treatment, and help more people take control of their lives.

“Recovery. Delivered. was born out of the opioid epidemic plaguing our country. Our Founders both have a decade of experience in the addiction treatment space and saw that many people didn’t have access to care, and those that did have access weren’t happy. So, they created Recovery. Delivered, an online addiction treatment and medication management company. By using technology, they were able to provide life-saving addiction medicine almost 100% online,” said the opioid addiction treatment facility’s spokesperson.

Having designed its addiction treatment and rehabilitation services to be delivered online, Recovery Delivered has segmented its treatment into four unique phases. New patients will have access to a medical evaluation borne out of the need to better understand their current health status, the effect of the addiction, and how they can help. This medical evaluation is done in person and supervised by trained medical providers. Clients can also choose to have their medical evaluation at home or done by any urgent care provider. A prescribing doctor will join the local evaluation team via video chat to ensure that the client’s safety and vitals are adequately monitored. The second phase involves at-home opioid detox, aimed at getting rid of the remnant of the substance from the victim’s body while setting them on a path to recovery. The addiction treatment specialists will monitor this process daily to ensure its success.

The third phase of the treatment is the weekly follow-up, where the treatment professionals will check in on patients to better understand their progress. All communications will be through a secured online platform that guarantees privacy to clients. The prescriber will also walk the client through the recommended protocols for medication-assisted treatment based on the results of their addiction treatment. At the end of each follow-up, prescriptions will be made, and medications will be delivered to clients in areas served as suggested by Recovery Delivered.

Victims of opioid addiction can take back control of their lives by reaching out to the team at Recovery Delivered for help. Contact them via phone at (866) 757-9868 or visit their website. Their physical office is located at 157 Bleecker St #1, New York, NY, 10012, US.

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