Radmila Lolly is Bringing Diva-An Interesting Novel for Fiction Readers—with a boastful entrance

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No matter what century we live in, we fiction lovers will never get tired of a good fiction novel. No matter how many great novels we have read, such as The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, Lolita, and so on, it won’t be enough. Some of us cannot even fulfill our hunger for reading by using a book’s PDF form. We have to stay classy by holding a book in hand to fulfill our desire to read fiction. For all such people, great artist Radmila Lolly is bringing an interesting novel, DIVA.

You may be hearing Radmila Lolly’s name for the first time, so let us start with a brief intro about her first. Radmila Lolly is a fine artist, living in the United States. She has been attracting a lot of attention due to many of her talents, especially for her live performances over the past 10 years. She is a versatile personality, possessing the skills of a singer, designer, writer, and model. Her recent performance at the FTX Arena gained a lot of attention.

Now let us get to the main point of today: DIVA. The novel “Diva” is centered on the dark stories of two characters, spanning the 1930s through the 1970s. Fiction lovers always get excited when they hear the word “dark” about a novel. It creates unimaginable expectations from a story. When one cannot think about any possible outcome of the story, that fact makes it the best one. Another attraction point of the novel is the base of the protagonists, which is described as coming from the classy 90s. 

According to Radmila Lolly, she has been working on this first-ever novel of hers for the past seven and a half years. She started this project in November 2014, which she is going to release in December 2022. The amazing thing is that the launch will include a list of interesting related things such as an audio-book album, a film, and a couture line.

Radmila developed a desire to describe the characters in the novel in a musical manner while writing them. Apparently, she was not composing music at that time and was waiting for someone else to do it for her, but in the end, she started creating music on her own. That is when her journey began with music composing. You can say, “Diva is the reason Radmila became a composer.” Today, she has created an entire album to accompany the novel in order to tell the story more artistically.

Radmila began the self-composing of the album in 2018 as well as designing a couture line based on the novel’s story. She has been successful at impressing thousands of people including some celebrities with her impressive designs of the Eltara Casata couture line (a fashion brand owned by Radmila Lolly). It is stated that DIVA will also evolve via Eltara Casata. 

This is not it. Besides the couture line and music album, Radmila has also created a film for DIVA. You can check out the small promo of the movie on her Instagram. Click here to watch it.  

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